3 Running Form Tips to Make You Faster


While some people run solely to improve their health and clear their mind, others like the competitive aspect of running, participating in events like 5ks and marathons. In this case, speed becomes a major factor, pushing you to find ways to become quicker so you can cross that finish line in less time. If this is you, here are three running form tips that can make you faster, helping you beat out your competition so that you’re the one who walks away with the medal:

  1. Use your arms. Although running is a sport that places more impact on your legs, using your arms when you run is a great way to pick up your speed. By pumping your arms back and forth, your body will naturally follow, trying to keep the pace. Thus, the faster you move them, the faster you’ll go. Try it the next time you go out and you’ll see. That makes this an easy way to improve your speed.

  1. Always look straight ahead. If you’ve ever watched a running event in the Olympics, then you’ve likely already realized that the professional runners always have their eyes fixed straight ahead as opposed to looking at the ground. Whether you’re focused on the finish line or simply concentrating on your breathing or form, use this pro trick and you’ll increase the odds that a medal will be yours.

  1. Keep your shoulders aligned above your hips. Whether you’re running sprints or marathons, it’s important to keep your shoulders so they’re aligned above your hips. This helps keep your spinal column in place, something that is critical if you want good speed since pinched nerves can really hinder your performance.

Use these three running form tips and you will notice your times getting better as you get faster…potentially putting a gold medal in your future!

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