3 Simple Tricks for Better Running Form (So You Can Have the Best Run Ever!)


Running is a great way to get and stay in shape. Not only does it burn a tremendous amount of calories, but it also gives you legs that are gorgeously trim and tone. However, it’s also very important that you keep good running form in order to increase your results and decrease your risk of injury. Here are three simple tricks to help you do that so you can have the best run ever:

  1. Increase your stride rate. If you tend to take large steps when you run, you’re likely burning a lot of extra energy which can make it harder to go faster or further in distance. Instead, aim to increase your stride rate so you’re taking around 90 steps per foot per minute. An easy way to do this is to find music that has this type of beat and run to that.

  1. Add strength training to your exercise routine. Keeping proper running form is easier when your muscles are strong and in good shape. And not just your leg muscles either, as the muscles in your upper body and core also help keep you aligned. This makes strength training a critical part of an effective running program.

  1. Practice speed drills. Although most people think of speed drills as a way to improve their sports performance, these types of exercises are also beneficial to runners because they reduce injury risk and increase endurance. So, if you don’t already have speed training equipment, you might want to get some. You’ll notice that your running and running form get better when you do.

Follow these simple tricks and you’ll have better running form, making it possible to make every run your best run ever!

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