The 10 Best CrossFitters to Follow On Twitter

Although spending a lot of time on social media can definitely hinder your fitness efforts, your time spent on various platforms like Twitter can also be used to motivate you to higher levels of health. The key is to follow people that are both knowledgeable and encouraging in regard to your sport of choice, constantly pushing you to work your hardest to obtain the body you want most.

So, if you like CrossFit and you also like to tweet, here are the 10 best people and organizations to follow:

  • @CrossFit – Follow CrossFit and learn more about the sport, as well as those that participate in it.
  • @CrossFitGames – See posts of other CrossFit athletes and use them to inspire you to be the best CrossFitter you can be.
  • @crossfitjournal – Follow CrossFit Journal and you will be placing informational and motivational posts, pictures, and videos right in your Twitter stream.
  • @cfwod – Get your CrossFit WODs simply by following WOD Feed and checking your Twitter account regularly.
  • @ukcrossfitters – Follow UK CrossFitters and learn from other CrossFitters as this Twitter feed posts a lot of interactive questions, such as whether CrossFit is safe during pregnancy and how others are creating their own CrossFit equipment.
  • @kellywcrossfit – Kelly Worthington is a self-described CrossFit fanatic who offers information and reviews on various pieces of CrossFit gear and equipment.
  • @daimanuel – Dai Manuel is a CrossFit athlete and coach who offers a variety of CrossFit-related advice, from workouts to nutrition and more.
  • @andypetranek – Andy Petranek owns CrossFit Los Angeles and posts about his CrossFit routine, as well as his positive outlook on life.
  • @Julie_Foucher – Julie Foucher has competed in CrossFit for years, even making it to finals, making her a good person to follow and learn how she did it.
  • @TabataTimes – Learn all about the sport of CrossFit and fitness in general, with links to some of the most current CrossFit information.

Add these to your Twitter stream and stay motivated to CrossFit!

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