Top 5 Fitness Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram

Top 5 Fitness Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram

If you’re one of the 300 million active monthly Instagram users, then you are in luck. Not only does this social media platform connect you with images of your favorite kinds of scenery, the cutest babies and animals, and meals you can almost taste, but you can also use it to motivate and inspire you when it comes to reaching your fitness goals.

In fact, if you don’t already have these top five fitness enthusiasts in your feed, then you may want to add them now:

Burn This. Staying motivated long enough to get fit is usually half the battle and that is where Burn This comes in. Loaded with motivational quotes and inspiring images, this is one fitness-based follow that is likely to keep you coming back for more.

Nike Running. Nike inspires its Instagram followers by posting images and videos of elite athletes starting their races so fast that the track flies up and crossing finish lines with facial images that show the pleasure of victory. It kind of makes you want to do the same thing yourself.

Jessi Kneeland. Jessi is a personal trainer and health coach who does a fabulous job motivating her followers by posting pics of her workouts, stretches, and more. Follow her and learn what she does to stay in top shape so you can do the same thing too.

Dylan Werner. As a yoga-specializing fitness enthusiast, Dylan posts some amazing pictures of him doing some pretty incredible body bending poses in some of the most beautiful locations. View them regularly and you will be reminded that peace, energy, and strength can be a gorgeous thing.

GoPro. If your fitness goals involve riding your bike on steep trails or surfing under the biggest wave, then GoPro is the Instagram site for you. At a minimum, it at least helps you better understand what it feels like to accomplish these things because you feel like you’re right there, enticing you to want to get fit enough to tackle these activities yourself.

Alternately you could opt for something else and be interested in on Instagram  

If you are on Instagram, what fitness enthusiasts do you follow to keep motivation and inspiration in your feed? Comment and share them below!


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