Pre-Season Training: What Is It and Why Is It Important?


If you are a sports enthusiast at all, then you likely look forward to that season beginning so you can watch your favorite team play their heart out and go for the win. However, getting good enough to excel on the field or court isn’t something that only happens during the season. In fact, it starts by engaging in pre-season training. What is that?

Pre-Season Training Defined

Pre-season training is training that occurs in the timeframe directly proceeding the actual sports season. So, for instance, if the sport runs from September to February, pre-season training via cardiovascular activities, weight training, and sports-related drills will probably begin sometime around June. This gives the player a few months to get his or her body into prime shape before the season formally begins.

The amount of pre-season training necessary to get up to playing level is often determined by how much time was taken off after the season ended. Of course, if training was continued during the off time, then getting season-ready will likely take much less work, thus reducing pre-season demands.

The Importance of Pre-Season Training

This type of training is important because it prepares the players for the oftentimes grueling trainings and games that occur in the midst of the season. If no pre-season training were to occur, it would be like running a marathon after having spent the past three months not running at all. It will feel harder than ever and even if you do finish, you’ll likely have some type of injury due to your body not being properly conditioned.

In the end, pre-season training is just as important as training that occurs during the season, if not more so. If you’ve ever engaged in pre-season training, what types of benefits did it have for you? Feel free to comment below!

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