Top 5 Pre-Season Training Drills


Entering pre-season means that you need to return to your workouts and watch what you eat a little more closely than you did in your off season. It also means engaging in drills meant to boost your speed, increase your power, and improve your stamina. If these are the types of drills you are looking for, here are five of the top ones that other athletes use in their pre-season training sessions:

  • Sprints. Sprints are a great way to boost your speed while getting your body used to changing direction very quickly, something that is necessary in most sports. To do them, just set a starting point and then place cones at varying distances, running to them as quick as you can before turning and running right back.

  • Agility Ladder Runs. One way to perfect your legwork is to do drills using an agility ladder. Simply place it on the ground and run through the rungs as fast as you can, placing either one or two feet in between each one.

  • Harness Runs. This drill requires that you throw a harness on with some form of resistance attached and run. Some resistance options to consider are using training partners to hold the harness or attaching it to either a parachute or other type of weight. This drill helps bolster your speed and strength as you get closer to game time.

  • Interval Runs. Another running option involves using interval training while on the path or track of your choice. Continuously alternating between all-out runs and slow jogs is a great way to get your body in top shape.

  • Jump Hurdles. To help you get used to overcoming obstacles that appear in your way during the game, jumping hurdles is the way to go. They come in varying heights so you can always move up once you conquer the lower ones, constantly challenging your body to do more.

These are the top five pre-season training drills that I recommend. If you have any others that you’d like to add, feel free to do so in the comment section below!

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