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One of the great things about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat as much as you’d like while on it, almost guaranteeing that you’ll never have to deal with those dreaded, diet-busting hunger pangs. However, although you don’t have to watch portion sizes in your efforts to get into smaller jeans, you do need to focus on eating the foods on the Dukan Diet approved food list dependent upon which stage of the diet you are in.

The Attack Phase

The Attack Phase is the first phase of the diet and the one that is intended to kick start your weight loss by being super high in protein and extremely low in carbs. While in this phase, you can choose between 68 different proteins including:

  • Various lean red meats (beef, pork, veal, and venison, just to name a few)
  • Poultry (think chicken, turkey, quail and duck)
  • Fish (cod, halibut, perch, salmon, tuna, and more)
  • Shellfish (like clams, crab, and lobster)
  • Soy and tofu
  • Fat-free dairy products (milk, cheeses, and yogurts)
  • Eggs

You can also consume sugar-free gelatin and 4 tablespoons of wheat gluten per week in this beginning phase.

The Cruise Phase

During the Cruise Phase you can start to add carbs to your diet, but only by way of nutrient-rich vegetables. Some of your options to consider are asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, fennel, among several others.

The Consolidation Phase

In the Consolidation Phase, you continue with the Cruise Phase most days, except on Thursdays when it is protein only. Plus, as a bonus, you get to start adding other foods, such as fruit, whole grain bread, and hard rind cheese into your diet, even enjoying 1-2 cheat meals per week.

The Stabilization Phase

This phase contains no forbidden food lists; just a gentle reminder that you must control your intake so as not to regain all of the weight you lost.

To learn more foods that you can eat during each Dukan Diet phase, visit the Dukan Diet Food List on the Dukan Diet website.

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