How to Get In the Best Cardio Shape Ever

 How to Get In the Best Cardio Shape Ever

When you’re in top cardio shape, everyday activities like walking up a flight of stairs, chasing after your kids while playing outside, and hauling groceries from the car to the house feel less daunting. This is because your heart, lungs, and entire cardiovascular system are in optimal condition, making it easier to engage in physical activities such as these.

So, how do you get in this type of top cardio shape, making life’s pleasures and chores a little easier to handle physically? Here are some tips:

  • Do something physical every day. The best way to build your cardiovascular system is to use it…daily.
  • Think about variety. While it may be tempting to pick just one activity like walking or the elliptical and stick to it, the more different activities you do, the better it is for your cardio system.
  • Mix up the duration and intensity of your cardio sessions. To make the most of your cardio sessions, you want some to be short and intense while others should be longer and less taxing on the body as you receive heart-based benefits from both.
  • Do interval training a couple days a week. Research shows that varying the duration and intensity within one single exercise session helps improve your cardiovascular system and lower your blood pressure, making this style of training great for your heart.
  • Eat heart healthy foods. In addition to exercising, eating foods that are good for your heart, like salmon, berries, and nuts, helps enhance your cardio health as well.
  • Stay hydrated. Your blood is 92% water, so one way to improve your cardio condition is to make sure you drink enough water to help this particular system function at optimal levels.

Any that I’ve missed? Feel free to add it in the comment section below!

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