5 of the biggest and best fitness challenges you can do in your life

5 of the biggest and best fitness challenges you can do in your life - Fitness Health


Often people make a new years resolution which mostly revolves around health and fitness. The best thing you can do is to get enrolled in a 30 day challenge as it is an excellent way to get started with all kind of guidance needed.

The challenges are all different from one another and have different needs such as losing weight from different areas of the body. Some of the challenges are based on time while some come under the variety of pass and fail. You must pick such a challenge which is best for you and the one which makes you the happiest.

Let us have a look at 5 of the biggest and best fitness challenges you can do in your life:

  1. 30 days workout without any equipment

It is not necessary to get a membership of the gym for any kind of workout. You can easily tone your body without heavy equipment. You can opt for the 30 day challenge by the famous trainer Amanda Kloots. Her challenge does not require any kind of equipment so you can do it anywhere you want to.

  1. 30 day bodyweight and HIIT challenge

The shape magazine features a 30 day challenge which does not require any equipment as well. It includes bodyweight exercises which add up to the high intensity interval training technique. This means that it is an excellent opportunity to burn fat although it may be a bit tiring.

The main idea however is to do the HIIT workout every alternate day for 30 seconds then rest and then repeat again until you are tired enough not to do more.

  1. Start running with couch to 5K

The best exercise that you can opt for is running. Since it is free you need no one to accompany or guide you neither do you have to go to the gym to do it. Have a look at the Couch to 5K C25K app which will help you get trained to a runner.

This app includes running for 3 times a week, for half hour in every session. It is an eight week program which means a total of 12 hours of running in a span of 3 months.

  1. 30 days Yoga with Adriene

It is never too late to start off with Yoga specially now that it comes under the best fitness challenges you can opt for. The famous Yoga guru Adriene is available on her YouTube channel where she has a 30 day challenge which will take you to the ancient Indian way of exercising.

Adriene gives step by step instructions and provides with many options to choose from. The videos demonstrate clearly how to begin with your Yoga regime. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get regular reminders about the schedules.

  1. FBI physical fitness test

This is a mandatory fitness test for the FBI officers made compulsory by the government of united states of America. This is a test which they must pass to ensure they are fit. It requires sit ups for both men and women, a very fast 300 meter sprint, maximum number of push-ups, and a run of 1.5 mile. It is quite intense but these are the requirements for the FBI officers to show they are fit for their job.


These were 5 of the most known, biggest and best fitness challenges which you can do in your life. if you are not interested in being an officer, cut out the last one but apart from that go for the other challenges and select the one which you think will work out best for you.

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