Fitness Mobility: What It Is and How You Can Improve Yours

Generally when people think about fitness, they think about building muscle and losing fat. While both of these are extremely important to getting and staying in stellar shape, there’s another factor to consider and that is fitness mobility.

Fitness Mobility Defined

Fitness mobility refers to the ability of your joints to work as intended so you can move around with greater ease, both inside the gym and out. This means being able to walk without hip pain or limited gait, or being able to lift weights without your elbows or shoulders giving out.

Essentially, good fitness mobility involves having muscles that are flexible enough to allow your joints to move yet strong enough to support your body so it keeps proper form. It also requires that your tendons and other soft tissues be healthy enough to handle your movements without enduring some type of injury or inflammation.

How to Improve Your Fitness Mobility

Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to achieve higher levels of fitness mobility. For starters, stretching can help tremendously as a tight muscle can ultimately restrict joint movement. So, add some stretching exercises at the end of your workouts and you’ll help enhance your mobility.

Another option is to use a foam roller to target your tense areas and release various trigger points. By adding this particular tool to your fitness regimen, you’ll likely notice not only greater fitness mobility, but also less pain and improved recovery times from strenuous workouts. You can also search YouTube and find a number of different mobility exercises, each one geared toward increasing movement in different areas of the body.

Fitness mobility is as important as losing weight and gaining muscle when it comes to total body health and wellness. Now…what are you going to do to increase yours?


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