foam roller directions for use: part 2


As discussed in part 1 of these directions, foam rollers provide a lot of health-enhancing benefits. (If you haven’t read it already, be sure to read it now.) And now that you thoroughly understand how to use rollers so they promote your upper body, it’s time to take a look at your lower body and what this one piece of equipment can do for you there.

Lower Body Foam Rolling

Lower body foam rolling is beneficial to your buttocks, hip flexors, and legs, which can help you with movement as well as sports performance. With those goals in mind, here are a few movements that can make this area of your body more flexible and thus easier to move:

  • Hip Flexor Release. If you notice pain or stiffness in your hip area, this is a great exercise to consider. To do it, simply lie on the roller so that it is sideways just under your upper thigh and pelvis and then roll your body slowly forward and back to massage this area and work out any kinks.

  • Gluteal Release. This exercise involves still lying on your side, but this time you’re going to shift your body so the foam roller is more under your backside versus your front side. Again, using your arms and legs, roll your body slowly frontward and back to get the tension out of the muscles in your buttocks.

  • Thigh Release. To benefit the muscles in your upper legs, again, lie on your side so that the roller is underneath your thigh, using your upper body to slowly move you forward and back over the roller, thus releasing the toxins and stress.

Do these types of exercises regularly on both sides of your body and you’ll likely notice less tension and pain in your lower half!

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