most challenging fitness events 2016


Most challenging fitness events 2016


Working out day after day can get kind of old, which makes signing up for fitness events a great way to keep your mind motivated and your body challenged. In fact, here are some of the events that proved to be the most challenging for participants this past year:

  1. World’s Toughest Mudder (Las Vegas)

This course spans over 24 hours of time with the person able to finish as many rounds  as possible in that time frame being crowned the winner.

  1. Pikes Peak

Located in Colorado, Pikes Peak’s elevation is 14,115 feet, which makes this mountain climb one that tests your endurance and strength. Some past climbers have called it “exhausting but exhilarating” with “breathtaking views.”

  1. North Pole Marathon

Called the “World’s Coolest Marathon,” this race is was daunting to participants’ nerves as it was to their body since you’re running on ice, fully aware that the Arctic Ocean is just a couple of meters below your feet.

  1. 6633 Ultra

This race also takes place in the Arctic cold, but it extends up to 350 miles, which means that participants had to carry all of their food, clothing, and sleeping gear with them as they trekked along the freezing path.

  1. Cape Epic

This bike race occurs in South Africa’s Western Cape and it challenged riders to climb as high as 15,000 meters in order to secure the win.

  1. Patagonian Expedition Race

The Patagonian is an event that involves many different forms of physical activity (from trekking to kayaking to mountain biking) and it drew athletes from all over the world last year, covering more than 6,500 km in ten races total.

  1. Coast 2 Coast NZ

Coast 2 Coast participants biked, ran, and kayaked their way through this 243 km course—some opting to do it in two days, but the fiercely competitive completing it in one.

  1. Race Across America

A number of people tested their endurance in 2015 by joining this cycle race which starts on one side of the U.S. and stops on the other, covering around 3,000 miles in all with less than 12 days to complete it.

So, what event did you compete in last year that you’re super proud of? Share it below!

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