best 5 kettlebell exercises to sculpt your body


When it comes to sculpting your body, there are many different pieces of equipment you can use to get stellar results. Kettlebells are one such option as, depending on which exercises you do, they will work every muscle group, giving you a great full body workout.

Here are five exercises that achieve that goal:

  1. The Swing

This foundational kettlebell exercise which involves squatting down with the kettlebell between your legs and then standing at the same time that you raise it over your head not only works your arms, shoulders, and upper back muscles, but it also strengthens your legs.

  1. The Snatch

The snatch is essentially a one-arm swing, which means that you work the same muscle groups, only a little (or a lot) harder. To make it more intensive yet, do it as fast as you can without compromising form.

  1. The Shot Put

This movement mimics the actions you would take if you were engaged in a shot put competition and throwing a heavy ball as far as possible. (However, in this case, you obviously don’t want to let go.) It’s good for your core, as well as your entire upper body.

  1. The Backward Lunge

Perform a backward lunge while bringing the kettlebell up in a sort of hammer curl and you’ll work your legs and arms at the same time. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and use controlled movements.

  1. The Figure 8

By lowering into a squat position and moving the kettlebell in a figure 8 around your lower legs, you’ll get every muscle tissue in your body engaged. Try to keep the motion as continuous as possible for the best results.

What are your favorite kettlebell exercises for a full body workout? Share them below!



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