Best Battle Rope Exercise for Your Arms


Whether your goal is to lose your underarm jiggle so you feel more confident when you wave or to firm up your biceps so you look great in sleeveless shirts or tanks, working the muscles in your arms to their maximum potential is key.  One way to do this is to use a battle rope.

A battle rope is a thick, heavy rope that is roughly 10 meters long. And you can do a number of different exercises with it to work your upper body. However, the best movement for your arms is what is called a figure 8 slam.

The figure 8 slam involves standing with your feet a little wider than your shoulders, bending your legs slightly at the knees. With one end of the rope in each hand, you will move them together in a figure 8 motion, slamming the rope to the ground every time you move your hands down to the bottom of the 8.

The goal is to do this in one, long continuous motion, maxing your arm muscles to the point where you can quite literally feel the burn. Depending on the current fitness level of your arms, this could be a few seconds, a minute, or more.

If you’re new to figure 8 slams, aim for 30 seconds of continuous motion with your first workout. From there you can increase the length of the sessions in 10 second increments until you get to the point where you can perform this movement for 2-3 minutes without stopping.

Do these battle rope figure 8 slams a couple times a week and you’ll notice more definition in your arms in relatively little time. And you’ll be able to wave and wear arm revealing shirts without a second thought.

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