a healthy diet helps older men to maintain physical function


A human body is a living thing, and it is not the person that ages, rather their organs. The functionality of the organs are at its best during the teen years and early twenties. As the mid-twenties approach the body along with the organs start to deteriorate. After that it is all up to the exercises, diet, and a healthy life style. Things starts to take a turn for the worst as the middle age approaches swiftly on its wings.

Till a person gets retired, they are usually surrounded by a ton of responsibilities, both in personal and professional lives. They have their jobs, functions, celebrations, and birthdays to keep up with; they have bills to pay, tuitions to save up for, and clothes to buy. This keeps the body working and mind on its toes. They are able to be in control and in the centre of every important decision. However, as the age of retirement approaches and is said and done with, the reality strikes that they do not have anything important left to do. Sure, they can take care of a couple of chores here and there, but the mind that is used to think of and work on so much more is now rotting away. Not to mention the stress and daily routine that the body is used to is not getting fulfilled.

The human body is extremely adaptable, the years that one spends building up a routine cannot be exchanged with relaxation and rest for an inconceivable future. That is when the deterioration takes its full toll and the body starts to let go. If we take a machine’s analogy, it is like the organs starts to get rusty and that effects its function.

All things considered, a person, when they reach the age of retirement, have earned the rest. But, what they need to figure out is that they still have to maintain some sort of rigorous routine to keep their body and mind in shape. As the body and organs age they need to do their work even at a more regular pace so they do not die out. They do not have to be extremely laborious and demanding. They can be as subtle as a change in diet, or skin care routine, or sleeping time table to as prominent as a gym time or some responsibilities like going to a bank for paying the bills, or getting groceries for the week, or a routine walk in a park.

Several doctors are of the opinion that one actually has control over how quickly or how slowly their body ages. Just like any living or non-living thing, if it is properly taken care of, it can last for more than a life time. If one takes proper care of their mental and physical health with proper diet, routine check-ups, and exercises, they can definitely slow up the ageing process and live a long and healthy life.

In a nutshell, there are a handful of steps that can guide an ageing person to lead a healthy life:

  • Avoid any excessive intake of fat, oil, butter to minimise the level of cholesterol.
  • Avoid, at all costs, carbonated water or drinks. They soak up water and any naturally present sugar in the body that can seriously harm the organs with the process of time.
  • Avoid fast foods and burger joints, try to add vegetables and organic food in your daily meals.
  • Avoid filling your stomach to the brim, as it can result in a stress on your stomach and can leave you feeling bloated.
  • Avoid slacking around and exercise on a daily basis.

Living a healthy life and working so hard on extending one’s youth does not mean that one will never die, however, it will ease up the process of your body ageing and you will be less likely to end up in a hospital bed or nursing home surrounded by strange nurses and doctors as you say adios to the world you have known and loved.

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