Benefits of running with a mask outdoors


Even after lockdown has eased down and almost over in some parts of the world, the biggest struggle still remains for the fitness freaks. Considering that we have to keep our precautionary measures intact, fitness freaks who once enjoyed gym and morning runs effortlessly continue to find themselves stuck in this situation.

People are already very tired of wearing masks everywhere. from formal occasions to family gatherings to gyms and parks, masks have become the new normal. However, wearing these during exercise of any sort can be challenging for all of us.

Running with masks outdoor has its challenges. People who already have breathing issues, or obese people who tend to get short of breath easily or people who sweat a lot will not like wearing masks when running outdoors. However, this is essential for your wellbeing and is also against the rules these days. To make it a little easier on you, you should be aware of some important benefits wearing a mask has while running.

·  Lesser respiratory droplets, more safety for everyone

This is the whole concept of wearing masks, protect yourself from respiratory droplets from others. You or someone else might be carrying the virus, and it is essential for all of you to remain safe.

·  Specialized workout face masks

There are now many specialized workout masks that are resistant to sweat and don’t cause irritation on skin. Invest in these masks instead of the surgical ones. These specialized masks can be a cool touch to your work out appearance!

·  Protection from the cold

When running in the cold, the breezy wind bothers us a lot. The benefit of running with a mask on is that it protects from the cold getting to your nose and making it freeze.

Last but not the least, the biggest benefit of the mask is that you will not have to socialize with anyone!

Consider the following

Clearly, there are a few but some important benefits of running with a mask. the protection the mask will offer is worth the extra struggle you have to make while exercising with the mask on. However, it is important to be careful of the following things when running with a mask:

·  Carry extra masks

It is very likely that you will sweat while running outdoors, leading to your mask becoming wet. A wet mask can allow more germs and microorganism to grow, and also reduces the filtration performance of the mask. In case this happens, extra masks will come to the rescue.

·  Notice tiredness and dizziness

Face masks sometimes can cause you to have lesser fresh air to breathe due to the tight fitting and restricted air flow. This might cause dizziness when you’ve exerted a lot of energy. Some people might even get extra tiredness in their muscles, chest pains and even a headache. Make sure you are monitoring all such symptoms and stop immediately if anything of this sort shows up. Keep yourself hydrated throughout so that the situation does not worsen.

·  Avoid crowded spots

If you don’t want to wear masks while running at all, pick less crowded spots. The idea is that you have to protect yourself from others respiratory droplets and protect them from yours by wearing a face mask. But if there are little to no people around, there won’t be a need for face masks. Hence, try finding a less crowded space like a hiking trail or a less populated neighborhood.

·  Take small breaks from the mask

Every now and then as you feel like you are sweating too much or getting out of breath, try pulling the mask down for a couple of minutes. However, avoid doing this in places where there are lots of other people too.


Make sure to follow the above precautions when you are running outdoors with a mask. try using fabric or homemade masks so that they are more comfortable against your skin.

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