Benefits of using CLA powder for weight loss

Benefits of using CLA powder for weight loss - Fitness Health

 Benefits of using  CLA powder  for weight loss

Staying healthy is something we all want. Losing excess weight is considered a great way to stay fit and healthy. Many people all over the world struggle with losing weight. According to a survey, about 30% of the world’s population is said to obese. Obesity and being over-weight have been associated to a number of health problems such as heart issues, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. Therefore it is important that all of us try to maintain a healthy weight.

However, sometimes maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is not sufficient for people who have been trying to shed extra pounds. As a result, most of us turn to the use of supplements to increase the rate of the fat burning process and attaining rapid results.
Among these supplements, one of the most widely used for the purpose of losing weight is CLA.

What is CLA?

CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid and is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in grass-fed animal and dairy products, however, in low amounts. CLA is believed to be an effective weight loss supplement that is also stimulant-free. This compound is somewhat similar to omega-6 that is said to have numerous benefits for the skin, weight loss and the overall health of your body. Such ‘good’ fatty acids are not produced by the body and usually need to be taken through diet.  However, when consuming too much of foods rich in fatty acids, one may also take too much of the ‘bad’ fat which would simply cause health issues. Therefore CLAs are taken through supplements largely by gym-goers and fitness freaks who wish to get rid of excess body fat.

What are the benefits of CLA?

  • Reduces body fat

CLA limits the uptake of lipids and fat into the cells by inhibiting the action of enzymes. As a result, fat is no longer stored and accumulated in the body and is instead used up for bodily processes or simply removed out of the body. This helps reduce fat synthesis and fat storage in the body which in turn helps lower the levels of body fat.

  • Increases metabolism

CLA stimulate an increase an individual’s BMR. BMR is basal metabolic rate which is the minimum amount of energy required by the body in order to function. An increase in BMR means more calories are burned in order to produce energy for the body functions. This increase in energy expenditure helps burn body fat and uses it to derive processes throughout the body.

  • Improved muscle growth

Although noticeable amount of fat is reduced, weight loss is often not observed with the use of CLA. This is because CLA also enhances the growth of muscle mass. An increase in the muscle to fat ratio means that calories are being burnt even when the body is at rest because of muscles being more metabolically active. This, once again, helps burn fat to produce more energy to meet the needs of the body.

Maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels

CLA supplements are also found to reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels, saving the individual from harmful health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases.

  • Provides support to the immune system

A boost in the immune system is also found with CLA supplementation. It may help improve immune response and prevent catabolic effects of the immune system during illnesses and diseases.


Although there are many benefits, the use and effects of CLA in human is still debatable. Much of the results are found through researches conducted on animals that have shown great results. For human however, CLA is said to have minimal weight loss effects.

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