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 Best breathing exercise apps for fitness


There is more to breathing than many people realise. Learning the correct breathing techniques is important, especially for those who do sport, meditate or suffer from asthma. If you breathe the right way, you will improve your health and focus, and also reduce stress levels. Here are some examples of apps that can help you with breathing exercises during workouts:


Yogic Breath

This specialises in helping you learn breathing techniques in yoga, such as deep rhythmic breathing and Kapalbhati. It even contains videos, audio material and instructions for guidance.

Yogic Breath - 


Breathe Strong

This is a great training companion. It has a guide that tells you how to improve your breathing training with a breathing muscle trainer. This has lots of tips and information, and offers a breathing counter and pacer.

This app is also good for building breathing control in other workouts. The pacer can make up good breathing habits and replaces heavy panting with slower, deeper and more controlled breaths.

Breathe Strong -


All In Yoga

This app contains 289 poses and breathing exercises, and shows them all in HD video. This makes it the biggest database of yoga poses. You can search for poses regarding your skill level or fitness goals. The app has 37 programs pre-installed and is suitable for all levels of fitness. It also has 3D muscle images for every pose.

All In Yoga -


Paced Breathing

The Paced Breathing app helps you to improve your breathing by giving you both visual and audio breathing cues. This can be used for intense workouts too. Added features include adjustable breathing session times and and Breathes Per Minute, or “BPM”, tracker. You can even purchase upgrades.

Paced Breathing - 


Pranayama Free

This app was created to show people how to breathe properly, and to help them practice slow breathing for 15 minutes a day. This can help reduce stress and related illnesses. The app allows users to concentrate on their breathing techniques and minds. It trains their lungs to breathe at their full capacity, so users can experience a great deal of health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and higher athletic endurance.

 Pranayama Free -









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