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Best Equipment For Body Coach Fitness - Fitness Health


When filling out your home gym or creating your own personal training studio with the help of top-notch equipment, you have to think and be very selective. You may not have the space that most big health clubs and gyms have, but with the right kind of equipment, you can get the results that these large gyms offer.

So what equipments should you invest in for body fitness? To find the answer to this question, keep on reading.

Equipment To Get For Body Fitness

  1. Fitness Mat

This is the first thing you must grab when creating a gym; this mat is a crucial part of your exercise regime. Apart from providing you a comfortable surface to work-out on, these mats will protect your body from any strong injury or impact. It will also keep you fixed in one place and prevent you from slipping while exercising.

Make sure that you get the mat that you need with the perfect thickness level and the material that you like. This way you will make the most of your mattress.

  1. Resistant Bands

 Resistant bands are one of the most versatile exercising equipment you can invest in. These bands have the ability to target your entire body and can mimic machine-based movements. Instead of investing in a single resistant band, why not buy a complete package that comes with resistant bands of different resistant levels; this way you can use lighter or heavier bands depending on what you are doing.

For example, medium and light bands can be used during arm exercises, and heavy bands can be used for lower body exercise. These resistant bands are ideal for hip and butt exercises.

  1. Ab Roller Wheel

If you are tired of monotonous crunches and do not want to create abs this way, then you must grab an ab roller and relax. This product will help you in building rock-hard abs, toning area and helps in losing fat. This simple piece of equipment will be helpful for plenty of challenging core exercises and is very beneficial.

Since it is tougher than crunches, you can improve your overall fitness with this product and say goodbye to back pain.

  1. Ankle Weighted Straps

These ankle weights are a very easy way to help amplify the intensity of even your simple workout moves. You can simply strap these to your ankle and go jogging, walking, jumping or even lift. The added weight on your ankles makes your muscles work twice as hard as before and help you burn more calories.

  1. Suspension Trainer

A suspension trainer helps in providing you with complete flexibility in your exercise regime. They are easy to carry around and help in keeping you in good shape. This suspension trainer gives you intense core workout since there is no support present in that area. This convenient tool is easy to set up and is ideal for tough workout regimes.

  1. Dumbbell Set

This is must-have equipment for your home gym and can range from light to heavy depending on the kind of exercise you want to do. These dumbbells come in different shapes, sizes and materials so pick the one that is most suited to you and work-out whenever you want.


This was our list of the must-have work-out equipment. These products will help in getting your abs, flat tummy and keeping you fit. With this, you can say goodbye to expensive gym memberships. However, keep in mind that with strong exercise you must also look after your diet. Diet and working out go hand in hand.


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