Best routine for a first timer at the the gym


First and foremost the most important step to understand before entering the gym is what you want to achieve? do you want to lose weight? Or gain muscle ? 

Here are a few of the most common goals for gym goers;

  • Weight loss 
  • Muscle gain 
  • Toning 
  • Strength 
  • Cardio fitness 

Going to any gym for the first time can be difficult for a number of different reasons. Not knowing where to start ? paying attention to others ? feeling out of place ? are all common feelings for gym newbies.

Walking into a gym not having clearly identified your goals is similar walking into a supermarket and just saying to yourself I am hungry. You can end up wasting a lot of  time and energy. 

Not knowing what you want to achieve will make you feel the uncomfortable when you're in the gym, and you won't embrace the energy or motivation because your not sure on what you want to develop. 

We've put together a basic list to help you how to look and feel at home on your first gym visit.  

1st Standard Gym Session 

This is the standard first time fitness session for any gym. This normally consists of 60 minutes and the sections of the program below. 

  • 5 minutes warm up - cycling 
  • 20 minutes cardio - treadmill 
  • 20 minutes weights - resistance machines
  • 10 minutes core - floor exercises 
  • 5 minutes cool down - rowing 

An easy way to make this applicable to yourself is by identifying the goal. For example, if you want to achieve muscle increase then I would recommend increasing the time in your session, from using the 60 minute standard program above changing it to something like; 

  • 5 minutes warm up - cycling 
  • 30 minutes weights - resistance machines / free weights 
  • 10 minutes cardio - running 
  • 5 minutes core - floor exercises
  • 5 minutes Stretching and flexing 
  • 5 minutes cool down - rowing 


    Some other ways to get the most from your first effort 

    1. Download a fitness plan before you go 

    There are some awesome training routines on the internet. You can find these everywhere, one of my favourite sites for easy workouts is check out some of the training ideas here


    2. Ask the fitness trainers

    Every gym has fitness trainers with heaps of knowledge, just ask them the best machines and exercises that can help you achieve your goals. 

    3. Join a class 

    The golden reason for joining a gym is too make use of the fitness classes they have on offer. Most of these classes are great for beginners as there are packed full of energy you'll meet people in the gym and feel more welcome after a few sessions. 


    This is a simple yet effective way of making the workout more specific for yourself. Once you have this worked out you then breakdown the session further. 

    • Know what muscles you want to develop 
    • Speak to a fitness trainer 
    • Look at the resistance machines and identify the muscle groups in use 
    • Give yourself a basic plan 
    • Break the session down into sections and work to the specific times 
    • Enjoy yourself 









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