Bums and Tums workout Ab training kit

Bums and Tums workout Ab training kit - Fitness Health


Abdominal core kit including exercise program:

The biggest muscles of your body reside in your lower body and core. Therefore, the entire shape to ideal body and fitness requirement comes from this region. If you are into wellbeing and fitness, there must be a lot of exercises that are a part of your routine.

Nevertheless, a little extra effort on the bums and tums can bring promising results in less time. Don’t waste your time in balancing your schedule with the hard work you have to put in strenuous exercises. Instead, consider this fitness health abdominal and core training kit that includes an exercise program:

What does this kit come with?

  • Multi-week PDF Training Program

The plan solely focusses on weight loss. This plan is based on a HIIT training session. Each day the session gets tougher and better for optimal results. This CVS (cardiovascular) exercising strategy comes with intense anaerobic exercising sessions. At the same time, there are less-intense break/ recovery periods. This continues until you reach exhaustion.

  • Abdominal Muscle Roller

This gear provides intense and versatile options for ideal training. It works to provide best stability for the person to focus more and stay firm during the session. It is renowned for its quality and promising results.

The power wheel in this equipment will simultaneously train your core. This will in turn, balance out the whole body and provide sustainability in the exhausting and intense training sessions. Moreover, the chances of falling apart and getting yourself injured are minimal with this gear.

  • Medium and Heavy Resistance Bands

These are the kind of bands that are used for strength training. They are equally beneficial for physical therapy. FH Pro Leg Resistance Exercise Loop Bands are the ideal set of bands for lower body and core training exercises. Henceforth, these were preferred and kept in the set.

The difference in resistances provide adequate strength and power required for the kind and severity of training session. Due to the convenience of this set, it is easy to pair with during exercise.

Red 6 lbs. medium-resistance bands:

Band overall length - 10'' x 2''

Loop length: 26 cm

Yellow 8 lbs. heavy-resistance bands:

 Band overall Length - 11''x 2'' –

Loop length: 28 cm

  • Skipping Rope

Skipping rope has been a part of cardio for a very long time now. It allows maximal indulgence of the body along with the brain and provides an optimal strength training.

It can be very hazardous and a route to injuries if the skipping rope is not adequate enough to use and get familiar with. Therefore, this fitness health high quality skipping rope is ideal for yoga and Pilates in addition to other exercises.

The rope measures 260 cm including one handle to the other. However, each handle is 13 cm in length. The ideal material for the creation of this rope is always plastic. Therefore, this is  the material used to create the Fitness health high quality skipping rope.

Other features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color - Blue
  • Weight - 88g

Here’s why you need an ab roller:

  • It is sturdy and light weight.
  • The design is Twin-wheeled
  • It can easily tone abs, as well as the back or arms and the shoulders.
  • Grip is made easy with foam pads.
  • It is ideal for portability due to its compactness.
  • The AB roller can present spectacular results in very less time.
  • Stability and comfort come along with the handles and wheels on this roller.
  • Don’t strop your exercise when you’re away from home, as it is very easy to store and carry to places.


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