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Bungee cord fitness is the new trend that is setting a benchmark in the fitness world. In a stressful and busy life, we always want something different and new, which helps us to keep active throughout life. Sports is one of the best practices to keep our bodies independent from negativity. But there comes a time when we start to get bored with all our daily routine. So, in that case, bungee cord fitness is the new craze. Be a part of the new craze by getting the bungee cord from Fitness Health.


The bungee cord available at Fitness Health is 3m in length and covered with a nylon sleeve for extra protection. Our bungee cord is a great option for enhancing strength. Some of the other benefits of bungee cord fitness are listed below:


  1. Fat burning and Muscle Building: Bungee cord makes resistance movements such as push-ups or planks a little easier to perform. The consistent movement of the body activates the stored body fat and starts burning the fat and builds muscles simultaneously.


  1. The unique way of being active: Bungee Fitness is one of the unique forms of workouts till now. Although it all depends on the special equipment known as exercise bungee ropes whose aim is an endless movement of our body.


  1. Versatility: People often wonder about the fact that what kind of exercise can be expected with the bungee cord. Well, a lot more than you can imagine! This concept is completely new and it has a lot of options to enhance the Bungee workout session. You can choose to perform a cardio movement or resistance training in your routine as per your goals. Moreover, it is ideal for everyone regardless of fitness level, age, etc.


Fitness Training With Bungee Cords


Bungee cords are also known as exercise bungee ropes, resistance cables, stretch cords, and portable exercise equipment ideal for strength training. The bungee cords can be easily clipped on and off and have ankle cuffs to provide you the options to hold them. The cables attached with handles can be used to do some exercises either by tying cables around your ankle or holding the handles.


Here are some of the bungee cord exercises which are included in Bungee Cord Training:


  • Reverse Curls and Biceps: Bicep curls are one of the popular exercises for strength training. Use exercise bungee ropes to perform this exercise by connecting both cord ends to the handles. After that, stand on the band and carry the handles using your arms. Keep your palms forward in a relaxed posture. Take out your foot and keep it shoulder-width apart. After that, bend your elbows and get the handles up with regards to your shoulder. Undo the motion and keep your arms straight in order to fulfill a bicep curl.


  • Rows: Performing rows with a bungee rope is helpful in strengthening the upper back. To do a bungee rope row, tie one end of the rope on the wall or any other thing so that it stays at its place. Tie another end with the handle and then use both hands to hold the handle. It is better to interlock your finger for a safe hold. Keep your arms straight, leading you, and start walking in the backward position from the pole. Start pulling the hand in your rib cage as you bend your elbows. Keep your arms close to your sides and wrists straight. Repeat this to finish a row.


  • Hammer Curls: Transform the reverse curls and biceps into hammer curls to highlight your biceps by carrying the hands in a vertical position with your palms facing inward. Keep your thumb at the top while performing the exercise. Rotate your palms towards the floor and perform reverse curls to highlight your forearms.



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