Cross trainer VS Treadmill for Burning Fat

Cross trainer VS Treadmill for Burning Fat


Losing weight takes sweat, determination, and hard work. The treadmill and the cross-trainer are the most popular workouts in the gym around the world. Though they consume a similar amount of calories per hour, it is essential to know how beneficial these machines are to our (unique) struggle in losing weight.   

Without further ado, let's look at the pros and cons of the cross-trainer!

What you need to know about the Cross-trainer

Using a cross-trainer (also called an elliptical trainer) might appear as a more relaxed workout than running on a treadmill. It has many benefits to help with losing weight, but it depends on how you use said equipment.

The intensity level or resistance selected on the machine will depend on how many calories you wish to (likely) burn. The higher the resistance level on the cross-trainer, the more calories will be taken care of.

Keep in mind, the amount of calories burned will depend on your current weight, your level of cardiovascular fitness, and the amount of time you invest in exercising on a cross-trainer. Whether or not you make use of the varied movements offered by a cross-trainer also serve a role.  

Benefits of using a Cross-Trainer

It is a safer option for beginners, as it prevents injuries. It engages you to balance the movements of the upper and lower body, which helps in making it a total body workout. With high-intensity workout routines on the cross-trainer, the chances of burning fat are up to 830 kcal per hour.

Knowing the targeted muscles (during training sessions) is vital to work toward getting a more athletic body by using a cross-trainer. Of course, it is an effective way to increase the chances of weight loss. A cross-trainer is a great way to target specific muscles (the arms, belly, and chest).

Pushing and pulling the handlebars of the cross-trainer targets the upper body. Working the pedal backward can target the hamstrings (the muscles at the back of the thighs).

The downside of using a Cross-Trainer

The cross-trainer does not mimic real-life movements, though. The elliptical trainer will always accompany your body in your actions, not allowing you to move your entire body and weight when working without such a machine.

Now, let's get to know another famous cardiovascular machine, the treadmill!

What you need to know about the treadmill

The treadmill is a great cardio machine for walking, running, or incline training activities. It allows you to perform natural movements, providing a more consistent workout. Just like the cross-trainer, it offers excellent benefits when it comes to losing weight.

The total amount of calories burned on a treadmill will vary on certain factors, such as your current weight and cardiovascular fitness. The speed and height of the incline will also determine how many calories you will lose. Of course, the time spent on the treadmill will determine how much your calories will be burned during your training sessions.

Benefits of using a treadmill

Unlike the cross-trainer, the treadmill provides variation. Some treadmills come with training programs that keep you motivated to reach a specific calorie-burning goal. Moreover, you have control over the speed. The treadmill gives a more natural feeling when working out. It also helps take a lot of stress off your body.

For many, it is easier to work on a treadmill while watching TV or listening to music.

The downside of using a treadmill

You need to have the skills to run during the 'incline' modes without losing balance and hurting yourself. Also, maintaining the right posture is necessary to get started with a treadmill, or else it can put your health at risk.

Wrapping It Up

To choose a treadmill or a cross-trainer, in the end, is up to you. If you need a full-body workout, a cross-trainer would be an ideal tool to achieve your goals. A cross-trainer is also deemed excellent for beginners (by some health professionals) as it prevents wear and tear of the joints and microtrauma.

If you have joint or knee issues, using an elliptical trainer would be a better option for you as the treadmill causes shock at each stride, stressing the joints.

Furthermore, there is a higher risk of injury on a treadmill if you lack the skills to run on incline modes or maintain proper posture.

Whatever you pick, remember to make most of it. Also, it would hurt to reach out to your trainer to talk about what kind of equipment you should opt for.

























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