fitness equipment – can they really stand the test of time?


One of the biggest decision to take is where to invest while purchasing fitness equipment? It is one of the biggest expense as well. After all it is the bread and butter of the facility and is the first thing that a customer notices upon entering.

What is generally the expected life span of a fitness equipment?

Before diving down to this question, there are ton more that need to be addressed before this particular one. For example:

  • What kind of fitness equipment are we talking about?
  • Was the equipment brand new or used?
  • Was the equipment bought from credible manufacturers?
  • Were the fitness equipment being taken care of properly?
  • Is it being more ruggedly used? Was it made for home usage only?
  • Or is it not being used as thoroughly as it was designed to? Was it made for a gym?

When it comes to machinery which can be easily found in a full-fledged gym and a snug little home gym as well, one equipment comes to mind; which is a treadmill. One of the most common of fitness equipment found.

Though retailers have said that a home treadmill can last anywhere up to seven to twelve years and can average up to ten years. As opposed to a treadmill found in a home, a commercially used treadmill is much more expensive, heavy duty, resilient, and will last much longer as it is used to the heavy and daily usage. A number of heavy duty treadmills offer a life time guaranty.

What fitness equipment lasts the longest? Commercial or home equipment?

Most manufacturers sells different models of the same equipment for commercial or home usage. The motor, machine, frames, and components cost more and are built to stand the test of time.

All said and done, if one buys a treadmill from good and well reputed manufacturers, takes proper care of it with tuning and all, and uses the machine as it is required to be used – a treadmill can exceed expectations and last up to decades, a life time, no matter what it says on the warranty card.

Maintenance and repair:

Just like one takes their cars to an auto repair shop for regular tuning and wash, one of the most aspects of owning any fitness equipment is taking care of it. Just like any other things- alive or faux – it requires maintenance. Regular oiling, lubricating, cleaning, and checking the equipment for any possible wear and tear is a must. One more specific factor to consider is dust. As dust can reach to any part of the machine pretty easily and without noticing, it acts as the downfall of any equipment. A well-built and strong fitness can crumble if tiny dust particles reaches into its core.

It is also not uncommon for any replacements being made. The buyer should always ask the manufacturer about the durability and the life span of small replaceable parts, so that the replacement can be made without any hiccup.

How long should a fitness equipment last?

It all depends on the usage, the type of machine one has bought, the company they have bought from, the maintenance, and here the machine is kept.

Any great and most expensive fitness equipment can crumble and fall if it is not taken care of properly or not used as it is supposed to. And any mediocre fitness equipment can surprise the owner and lasts a life time if it is properly used, loved, and taken care of. all the while protecting one’s investment for years to come.

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