Here's Why its so important to use arm movement when sprinting

When you run (sprint), it's easy to focus on just your legs.

However the next time that happens and they start moving faster than usual without much effort in return from where all of this power is coming from - stop!

Because what we're forgetting here could very well turn out be a problem: arm movement also has an effect during our runs which can either make us go quicker for longer periods or seem less exhausting depending upon their type; there are many types after all - so pay attention if yours isn't working like desired because these tips may help improve your arm movement. 

Key points important to use arm movement whilst running 

Keep your arms in an 90-degree angle and make sure they are never above or beneath your waist.

Keep them moving close to the body, as if they were pendulums - don't stick out just for show! You should feel comfortable with this motion; it can rotate without getting stuck on one position like hips might happen otherwise when swinging passively against themselves.

Loosen your hands and make them into loose, relaxed fists. places on top of each other with thumbs facing upwards so that you can't break what is not there in order to prevent breaking something even worse! Keep this posture while running for better performance

When you bring your elbows back, it will naturally swing forward. But if running up hills is too much for the arms to handle then they’ll move in towards themselves rather than backwards which takes pressure off of your legs and makes lifting these joints easier-Swinging far enough so that when you bring them forward again there's no strain on any part

To avoid soreness in your neck or shoulders, try putting one hand on top of the other while swinging both arms back and forth. This will help keep tension from being applied through those muscles by moving only with an elbow joint instead so you can run free without any painful moments!


You can work your arms by swinging them. Swinging means that you will have the ability to lift up both feet at once and bring it back down again, this is unless running on hills when they'll go forward rather than backwards because of how hard we are pushing ourselves into things with our legs out in front! To do this workout for yourself all there's need from us would be an open space or ground; most people prefer indoors spaces where there isn't too much traffic around then either way just make sure plenty room so nothing gets blocking any paths being made

This exercise focuses not only upon strengthening but also conditioning as well since cardio exercises



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