How skipping can help you burn fat

How skipping can help you burn fat - Fitness Health

Why leave your workout to the young people? Jumping rope is a great workout for the entire body that helps develop coordination, endurance, and more. Training with a jump rope can improve your cardio and muscle strength, help you burn more calories, and support weight loss.

This article discusses jumping rope, lists its benefits, and explains how it can help you become more fit.

What are the benefits 

Most folks don't have time or money for expensive machines to use for cardio, with all the gas prices going up. Here's a surefire method which requires no equipment and is inexpensive as well. Jumping rope or skipping, these are the two best ways to get in shape. 

Benefits include 

1.     Building stamina

2.     Toning your calves

3.     Tightening the core

4.     Improving lung capacity

Skipping rope workouts take nothing but your effort and time to lose weight. Here are three skipping rope workouts that can shed those extra pounds quickly. 

Why skipping exercise is good for burning fat

An average of about 125 cal can be burned from a 10 minute skip session, the equivalent of a fast run," McNiven says. "To put that into perspective you'd need to be running at less than 8 min miles."Skipping also helps take pressure off of your joints since you land on both feet.

The three basic jumps to start with

Basic skipping:

The Basic skip is easiest for beginners to master. It can help you lose weight by 10 to 15 minutes of daily workout. All you need to do is position the rope handles in each hand by your side and let the rope rest on the ground The intensity, speed, duration and resistance should be considered when rope jumping.

Boxer Step:

Alternating your workouts is a great way to spice up your exercise routine. One of the more popular workout routines amongst boxers is the boxer step jump workout. It's because of them that's it been made so popular.The boxer jump technique lets you spend a long time in the air and can help you build your stamina. This is because while jumping, you are constantly moving from one leg to the other and so don’t get tired as quickly. Generally, people don't jump with one leg and shift their weight from one foot to the other. This is just like a basic jump, but instead of starting and stopping on two feet, you start and stop on one.

High Knees:

All of the jump rope exercises have their benefits; some are simple and others intense. The high knees workout is designed to improve the power of exercise.Many people find this exercise can get their heart rate up more than any other type of workout and also make them sweat quicker. This method is done by running in place, bringing one knee up to your midsection on each go. One of the best ways to do this is to practice your alternate foot step workout on a high-intensity level by bring your knee up towards your core..

How many calories will you burn

Jumping rope is a highly effective, calorie-burning workout that can be done in a small amount of time. In just 20 minutes, a 200-pound (90kg) person who jumps rope will burn 241 calories.



Skipping rope is really great as it helps you lose weight faster and makes your workouts more enjoyable. You don't need expensive equipment or subscriptions to the gym. All you need is some time and dedication and you can lose weight on your own terms while enjoying all of your favourite activities. 






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