Long runs can be quite tough for you if you are willing to take part in a marathon. It becomes difficult as the mileage starts changing into bigger digits. But there are several ways through which you can make it easy. Following these steps will make your long run simpler and entertaining. Go through them and start loving your long run.

  1. Avoid Chafing

Painful chafing is one of the factors that can ruin your long run. People usually assume that running long causes chafing in different spots. However, it is not the truth. If you are running for 5 to 6 miles, then there are also some chances that you will face serious chafing.

But there are some methods through which you can avoid chafing and make long runs. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Most of you wear cotton underwear for the entire day. Cotton takes more time to dry and makes you feel comfortable. It soaks the sweat and results in chafing. Thus, it is better that you start wearing polyester boxers rather than cotton underwear. Buy the ones that are sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking. These underwear wick your sweat away. Therefore, it will help you dry as soon as possible.

  • Use Powder

Try to use talcum powder to prevent moisture. The powder will absorb your sweat along with the body oil. It is one of the best ways to avoid chafing.

Some other methods are:

  • Use healing cream
  • Use anti-chafe cream
  • Wear shirts that dry away your sweat
  1. Take Breaks During the Walk

There is no need to feel embarrassed if you are stopping and taking breaks while walking. Many people stop and drink water during the long run. They try to consume fluids so that they can become active once again. Due to these breaks, your muscles will get enough time to relax and rest. Moreover, you will get energetic and fresh which will help you in starting your running again. There are some ways through which you can take breaks during the long run. Some of them are:

  • According to Miles

Try to take breaks after one to two miles. It will help you gain your strength back. 

  • According to the Times

If you want to make your long run easier, then take a gap of 15 to 20 minutes between a few miles. 

  1. Find Some Companions

If you are willing to make your long run easy and enjoyable, then try to find a group for yourself. You will be able to run faster for a longer period. It will also develop the quality of challenge and winning in you. There are several ways through which you can find companions. 

  • Join a Club

It is better if you join a group or charity club. It will increase your motivation during the long run.

  • Running with Friends

You can chat with your friends while running. It will make your long run more pleasant. 

  1. Divide the Mileage 

Breaking the total mileage into smaller parts will help you to make long runs without any stress. It will make your goal clear and will help you to run without feeling tense. The best ways to do it are:

  • Breaking the Miles

For instance, if the total distance you need to cover is 15 miles, then divide this distance into three equal parts. Think that you have to cover three areas of 5 miles. Believe me! It will help you a lot.

  • Keep Refreshing

Refresh your mind with the new distance. Now, think that you have to run for 10 miles after completing the first 5 miles. 

  1. Warm-Up

Usually, people skip the warm-ups before starting the long run. However, it is not the right way. Doing warm-ups before long runs will help you to reduce the probability of getting any injury. It will make you physically and mentally ready for the run. A few ways of warming-up are:

  • Stretching arms and legs
  • Squats
  • Running for a few minutes


Summing it up, long runs are effective for your health and even life. But it is not that easy if you are running continuously for several hours. Thus, try to follow the steps given above. We hope that they will make your long run easier than before. 


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