How To Select The Right Fitness Wear

How To Select The Right Fitness Wear 

After working out for an hour or two, one is usually exhausted to the limit and drenched in sweat.

However, unbelievable that it might sound but the clothing that you put on during exercise tends to control how you feel once you are done with the work out session.
There are a few tips that you must follow if you need to have post-exercise feelings which relax you and not exhaust you!

Always choose the fabric that helps your sweat to evaporate during exercise and never leaves your clothes feeling heavy and wet.
The fabric that has polypropylene seems to serve this purpose just right. Therefore, it is highly recommended. Cotton, on the contrary, makes your clothes all wet and doesn’t make the sweat wick away from your skin and so when it comes to workout wear, it is not a good choice.
Most importantly, exercise clothes that have rubber or plastic composition should be avoided as these are the fabrics that don’t breathe, and they keep your body temperature very high during exercise by not letting your sweat evaporate. This has a very exhausting post-exercise effect.

Right, Fit:
This factor entirely depends upon the sports you are indulged in. Different sports ask for different choices in this regard.
If you are a gymnast, you need to have clothes that are skin tight. On the other hand, loose and comfortable yet not very baggy clothes are preferred for cyclists and runners. Clothes should be such that they do not cause any hindrance to the otherwise smooth sports activity. For instance, yoga is best performed in slim fit clothes so, in accordance with this workout, it is the best choice to make.
There is no fixed rule or clothing criterion for a casual work out; one must choose the right fit which is in perfect accordance with the activity to be performed and comfort of the performer.


The weather has a key role to play in the type of clothing that you opt for during physical activity.
The clothing might change with seasons if the sports you play are outdoor or seasonal sports.

  • In hot weather and extreme summers, it is advisable to go with clothes that are cool and comfortable. Moreover, it is a primary requirement of such weather that the exercise clothes must be such that help the sweat wick away from your body and keep it breathing and consequently bring a cooling sensation.


  • winters, it very important to keep yourself warm outdoors. But the trick to choosing the best exercise-clothing in winters is to dress up in layers. The reason for it is that during exercise, the temperature of your body keeps rising and you are tempted to go for a lighter outfit. So, if you would have dressed up in layers, you can always remove a few of them as per your requirement at different stages of your work-out.


  • If you are exercising outdoors with a weather prediction of rain, always keep an outer layer of clothing that can keep you safe from such natural elements so that you can continue without having any hurdle caused.


Having all the factors considered, the most important thing to remember while choosing outfits for any sort of physical activity is your comfort. Anything that brings you a sense of discomfort would obviously never let you be a part of any smooth physical activity; it will keep bothering you throughout the process unless you are forced to remove it. So first seek your convenience by using the tips given above, and once you have done that, you can always add a trendy touch to whatever you wear!


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