How to Solve the 2 Biggest Problems with Shredding


The whole goal of shredding is to burn fat and give your muscles a more defined appearance. And, when performed correctly, that is exactly what it does. However, some fitness enthusiasts have encountered issues while trying to master this form of exercise. Therefore, here are two of the biggest problems associated with shredding, as well as how to solve them:

Problem #1: You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

If your shredding program isn’t delivering the results you want either 1) it is a poorly designed program or 2) you’re not following it as closely as you should. To find out if the first one applies, do some research online and see what others are saying about your particular shred. If it’s a dud, then you’re better off just finding a new one.

However, if you’re totally honest and admit that you’re not following the shred exactly as it was designed, then simply adhering to the program will fix the issue and improve your results. Yes, it may take more effort, but your chiseled body will be the payoff.

Problem #2: You Barely Have Enough Energy to Make it Through Your Shredding Sessions

Energy is a commodity nowadays, which can sometimes make it more difficult to work out. But there are some things you can do to boost your energy, thereby making it easier to shred your way to a rock hard physique.

Some options to consider include drinking more water so you’re not dehydrated, eating nutritious foods so you have enough energy-lifting vitamins and minerals in your body, and lowering your stress levels so you aren’t tempted to avoid exercising completely. A cup of coffee before exercising and a protein shake afterward can help as well.

Any other problems you’ve had with shredding? Feel free to share them below and let’s get you some solutions!

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