Plyometric jump box which is best wooden or steel ?

Plyometric jump box which is best wooden or steel ? - Fitness Health



In any fitness regime, plyometric exercises can prove to be beneficial. They are great for training and also for developing your stamina. Plyometric jump boxes are surely a useful tool for your exercise routine.

With the help of this product, you can do exercises such as plyometric push-ups, jump-overs, and burpee boxes. This helps to increase your strength.

 In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of wooden and steel jump boxes. Let us discuss the best wooden and steel plyometric boxes, this might help in making a decision.

Best wooden plyometric box 

Easy to assemble, this wooden ply box comes in a range of sizes. The wood is cut using a CNC machine. This gives the product the form it needs and gives it a precise fit. The Gym Gear wood plyo box is a great product. It proves to be really good for cross-fit exercises.

Its top edge has a particular sort of shape. This increases the safety of the item. Manufactured with plywood of exquisite quality, it is highly sturdy and stable.


When we talk about stability and sturdiness, the Gym gear wood plyo box does not disappoint. It is suitable for hard training environments. The product is affordable especially for what it has to offer. Also compared to steel, they are more cost-effective.

They are a much safer option since they have sides that are solid. Therefore, you do not have to worry about bruised knees or twisted ankles. Assembling them is hassle-free, which also makes it an excellent option for many athletes.


All plyo boxes including the Gym Gear plyo box can take up a lot of space. This is because it needs to be stacked. You might require a lot of space in order to store this item. This can create a problem if you have a limited area for your gym.

If you want a product with multiple height options, this might not be the right kind of choice.


Best steel plyometric box

If you need extra durability, then steel plyometric boxes are the answer to your prayer. These can last for a relatively long time without losing their sturdiness. The Gym Gear Steel Plyometric Box Set comes in four types of sizes. The athlete can choose according to their need.

The steel is of high quality. Another good thing is that these plyometric boxes can support heavy loads. The frame is made of steel tubes with frames that are fully welded.



The most interesting part about steel plyometric boxes is that they are designed to be stacked. This assists in saving a huge amount of space. With the product being discussed, the surface has vinyl. It is non-slip and adds to the usability factor.

In addition, you can have a wide range of heights. This is quite advantageous if you want to progress from a beginner to an expert. You can adjust the height according to your level of practice. Plus, they  do not need to be assembled


The open front can be risky especially for a beginner. Its exterior is such that it is susceptible for the toe to get stuck. This can cause a fall and result in an injury.

 Compared to wooden plyometric jump boxes, it is a more expensive option. Hence, if you have a tight budget it might be a hassle.

It is not useful for individuals who need just one box, rather than a set.



Now that we have compared the pros and cons of the best wooden and steel plyometric jump boxes, it will be easier for you to choose the right one. The only big disadvantage of the wooden one is that it takes up a lot of space. Otherwise, it is safer and more user-friendly.

As for the steel jump box, it can be harmful as well as costly at the same time. Again, it depends on the size of your gym. Is it a small gym or a huge one that has lots of storage available? Another thing is the amount of flexibility and freedom the athlete wants. The wooden plyometric jump box is better in many ways. It is also more practical for the user, especially for beginners



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