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When we talk about whether resistance bands will replace free weights, it’s important for us to know the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of resistance bands and free weights can help us in several ways since it all depends on the goals set by the person who is working out. If the goal is to shed some weight or to build muscle mass, getting the exercising equipment that’s right for you will help you in getting the best results and thus will determine whether resistance bands will be used or free weights.

Knowing your goal can make it easier to figure out whether you will use resistance bands or free weights.

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Resistance bands


  • As compared to free weights, Resistance bands are very inexpensive. When you use weights, you have to keep increasing the number of weights; hence the cost increases as well. 
  • Resistance bands can be literally used anywhere.
  • Resistance bands can be squeezed into any tiny space one can think of.
  • They can be used for any type of exercise, thus making them extremely versatile.
  • Almost every exercise that you will do with resistance bands will automatically engage the core muscles.
  • Resistance bands are perfect for sports injury rehabilitation. Bands don’t put a lot of pressure on muscles and joints. This makes effective in strengthening the injured muscles gradually while not straining them.


·      Resistance bands are made from the rubbery material. If overuse or misuse them, it will damage them.

·      The plastic which is used to make resistance bands handles are made of a very hard material. These handles tend to hurt the wrists when they come in contact with them, thus causing an injury.

·      Since training progress cannot be measured with resistance bands, it is one of the major drawbacks of using resistance bands.

·      You can’t build a lot of muscle mass

·      Resistance bands are not that effective in increasing muscle mass when compared to free weights.

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Free Weights


  • Free weights are extremely effective in increasing the strength and size of muscle because there is a lot of room for muscle movement when you are using free weights.
  • Functional training helps you:
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Lose large amounts of fat
  • Low risk of injury
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Safe and effective
  • Caters to all age groups
  • The muscles which hold our organs and joints in place are called stabilizing muscles. Training with weights is the only kind of workout that strengthens the stabilizing muscles. Strengthening the stabilizing muscles will, in turn, stabilize the muscles that are connected to the spine and other joints. This means this workout strengthens the shoulders, core muscles, and the muscles of the lower back
  • Free weights are the most effective tool to increase muscular mass. By simply increasing the weight, the size of the muscles can be increased. By keeping the same number of weights and increasing the repetitions, muscles can become more defined.
  • Free weights which are of high quality don't break easily and are long-lasting.


  • Free weights are way more expensive than resistance bands.
  • They occupy more storage space. If you need to increase muscular mass, you will need to buy more weights. This will be expensive as well as occupy more space.
  • You can get injured in several ways by using free weights.


In the light of the above discussion, it can be seen clearly  that there are benefits and drawbacks to both the resistance bands and the free weights. Depending on what your requirements are, the choice is up to you whether to use free weights or resistance bands.

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