Fitness with the SUP (Stand up paddle boards)

Fitness with the SUP (Stand up paddle boards) - Fitness Health

 Sup with the Sup’s

Sup, an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, is becoming more and more popular each year. Hawaiians have been using these paddle boards for years as a way to keep themselves fit when the waves are not tolerable for surfing.

By using these paddleboards, surfers were capable of enjoying the water and also workout altogether. In the last couple of years, plenty of people have started to enjoy these paddle boards while standing up and with the health benefits these paddle boards provide, the number is increasing.

The health benefits list of these SUP’s is at least a mile long and is mentioned below, but that is not the only reason everybody is doing it. The main reason everyone is hooked up with this stand up paddle boards is that it is effortless.

Health Benefits Of SUP

  • Improved Balance

Standup paddleboarding necessitates you to stand up straight and upright on the board which requires a lot of core steadiness and leg strength to help maintain balance. This not only aids you to have a proper balance while paddle boarding but also helps in increasing your focus and balance when performing day to day activities as well.

  • Full Workout Of The Body

Every muscle in our body is used in paddleboarding at some point. Since balance is required, leg muscles have to be working hard and are supposed to stabilize your center of gravity. Leg muscles are not the only part working out, your arms, back, and shoulders are also used to drive the paddle board in water.

Your core, abdominal and back muscles are also working constantly to help maintain your balance; making your body undergo a full workout.

  • Low Impact

Standup paddling is an exercise that has a very low impact which is why it is very unlikely that while exercising you will damage your tendons and ligaments of your joints. Paddleboarding is advised to runners that experience shin splints or hip and knee pain; however, you do need a good exercise to follow while healing as well and can’t rely entirely on sups.

  • Decreases Stress

This exercise is performed in water and water can naturally claim and soothe your body whereas exercising reduces stress. Apart from this, the sound of the water as you glide through, the sensation you experience floating on water and the rhythm of your stroke helps decrease the stress and loosen the knots in your body.

  • Increases Strength

Once you spend a whole day on the paddle board, you are bound to feel tired and sore all over your body. But don’t worry, feeling sore is a good sign because this means that you are building up your body strength.

  • Improves Endurance

Once you can stand up on a paddleboard, you can master it with the increased stamina of continuous paddling. As soon as you notice that your muscles are not getting as tired as they were before and that your balance is improving, then you know that your stamina has increased. 

  • Cardio Workout

If you spend a reasonable amount of time on the water paddle board, then you can get a good cardio workout. To make this work out even more fun, you can gather your friends and race your friends while paddling; this will not only be more fun but will be motivation and strengthening as well.

  • Healthier Cardiovascular Health

Paddle boar helps you to avoid being a target of heart attacks and strokes. Since engaging in this activity is very similar to aerobics, running and even cross-training; you can increase your cardiovascular health an reduced the risk of heart-related diseases.


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