The 10 Best Fitness Challenges You Can do at home

The 10 Best Fitness Challenges You Can do at home - Fitness Health


During this pandemic, your routine exercise plan has a fair chance of declining to a few walks to your refrigerator and getting some fresh air at lunch by standing next to an open window.

However, with a positive mindset, you can create your fitness boot camp right at home during such lockdown. For those who want something different to help feel motivated to exercise, here are the 10 best fitness challenges you can do at home!

  1. 30 days Yoga Challenge

Yoga with Adriene (a YouTube channel) has video guides that you can follow every day in her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.  Each session is about 15-30 minutes long. Adriene Mishler explains how to do each pose, and it is easy to keep up with her.

  1. 6-Weeks Handstand Challenge

The handstand challenge only requires a bit of practice under a soft surface (to avoid injury). There are many variations of handstand challenge online.

Recording your progress during this challenge can be a fun thing to share with your friends. Don't try to rush through it, though.

  1. 30-day Jumping Rope Challenge

Jumping rope is a solid workout that helps you lose weight while improving coordination.

Start with only 2 minutes of jumping rope on the first day and then increase the duration the next day. You can even livestream your progress over Instagram and have fun.

  1. 30- day Jumping Jacks Challenge

Similar to the challenge above, why not try jumping jacks? Doing jumping jacks is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Again, begin with doing a few on the first day and then work from there. You should watch instructional videos to learn how to perform a jumping jack properly.

  1. 30-Day Speed Cleaning Cardio Session

Seeking a family fitness challenge? The speed cleaning cardio session is a great pick. You can make up your guidelines. Turn on a piece of great music. Then, set the timer for thirty minutes. Now, start Cleaning!

No one stops doing the task such as sweeping, mopping, or dusting till the timer beeps. You will get the house cleaned and also worked up a sweat in just 30 minutes!

  1. 30- day Burpees Challenge

Burpee helps develop killer abs. Jen Widerstrom, a former-coach on The Biggest Loser, is a pro-burpee. She created an entire 30-day challenge.

Her program progressively increases the number you do each day for over thirty days.

  1. 30- Day Push-Up Challenge

Doing push-ups helps gain functional strength for your body. Danielle Gray, a certified personal trainer, and creator of Train like a Gymnast, created an epic 30-day push-up challenge you should consider checking out.

  1. 30-Day Plank Challenge

The Plank Workout at Home - 30 Days Plank Challenge app offers plank variations to aid you in losing weight, gain strength, and building a stronger core. The mixing of static and dynamic planks helps you burn fat fast.

It takes only a couple of minutes a day to burn calories and get in better shape by simply planking. So, try planking for a minute on the first day and gradually increase the duration.

  1. 100 Squat Challenge

The 100 Squat Challenge from Blogilates involves 30 squat exercises to burn fat and to create muscle on your lower body. It targets your glutes, thighs, stomach, and your lower back.

This challenge is simple. We say this because you only have to do 100 squats a day. Of course, you can divide your 100 squats into 10 reps of 10 squats each. Don’t hesitate to try out different types of squats.

  1. 30-Day Drinking Water Challenge

Water is the reigning champion when it comes to liquids!  Most people know that, but we somehow still don't drink enough of it.

Blogilates has created a 30-Day Drinking Water Challenge Worksheet. This is a fun challenge where you drink water and become healthy. You can even infuse water with different fruits!

These 10 best fitness challenges that you can easily do at home are going to be a lot of fun. So, try them out and remember to love your body while you stay in your house.



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