The Best Fitness Equipment That Will Hold Its Value

The Best Fitness Equipment That Will Hold Its Value - Fitness Health


Obesity and deteriorating physical health are one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century. These problems are faced by people of all age and sizes. 

Health practitioners suggest exercise and daily workout regimes stay fit. However, buying fitness equipment is not an easy task. This is due to two principal reasons. Firstly the most fitness equipment’s are very expensive, and secondly, they have a short life span.


These days, more and more people are concerned as to what equipment they should buy that is both affordable and would be functional for a longer time. This article aims to list down the best fitness equipment that will hold its value.


Cross-country ski machine


  • This machine is perhaps one of the most effective ones.
  • It allows you to exercise both your arms and legs simultaneously.
  • There is a wide variety of them with some needing you to ski forward to make the other move back.
  • And some move independently or use ropes.
  • You can check out all of these and pick the one that caters to you best.
  • Price varies according to features and brand.



  • These are very popular among buyers, mainly because of their effectiveness.
  • It also lasts longer and hence, worth the money you spend on it.
  • It provides a nearly impact-free workout which is easy on the joints
  • Resistance and grades are adjustable to cater to all body needs.
  • If used regularly, it can help in weight loss as well as body maintenance.
  • Price ranges from $1000-$2000.




  • This is perhaps the most used fitness equipment amongst consumers
  • It enables you to walk or even run indoors.
  • If you buy one with a strong motor, it will definitely last longer
  • The speed and grade on this machine is adjustable so you can workout at your own pace
  • While buying it, one should make sure to opt for the one with an emergency stop device.
  • Price ranges from $110 (low quality) to $3000 (premium quality)




  • Climbing stairs up and down is an effective way to lose weight or maintain ideal body
  • These machines provide a low impact workout that approximates climbing stairs
  • Additionally, some equipment comes with attached levers with handgrips for arm exercise too
  • For beginners, the equipment can be strenuous
  • If used regularly, the equipment lasts longer and gives results.
  • Price ranges from a few thousand dollars (old models) to $7500 (new models)


Rowing machines


  • These machines simultaneously work back, arms, and legs simultaneously.
  • They can offer a total body workout equal or similar to the one provided by machines
  • The motion may feel unfamiliar at the start, but it is very effective once you get used to it
  • Consider buying pulley models instead of piston models for a more realistic rowing experience.


Stationary bicycle


  • Riding a bicycle was a prime experience of childhood. But did you know that riding a bicycle is an effective way to tone down your body too? The stationary bicycle comes with the following advantages:
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • It isn’t very effective for weight loss
  • But it provides an excellent cardiovascular workout
  • While buying the machine, look for an adjustable seat.
  • Price ranges from $200-$2000


Strength equipment


  • These devices help you build strength.
  • It lets you harness gravity, body weight, external weight, and the resistance force
  • These vary from expensive equipment at the gym and affordable and portable home models.


Here is a list of some of the most basic equipment to use at home. These are affordable, as well as effective.

  • Ankle and hand weights
  • Resistance bands and tubing
  • Exercise mats
  • bands






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