The Three Best Fitness Trackers for Heart Rate While Exercising

The Three Best Fitness Trackers for Heart Rate While Exercising - Fitness Health

There is an old saying, that the jack of all trades is master of none. And the same applies to smart wearables. While you can’t deny that smartwatches are a neat piece of technology, a dedicated fitness tracker can help you be more active, get better sleep, and get a better overall view of your health. Not all fitness trackers are created equal, with a wide range of prices and additional features. When it comes down to it, accurate readings are the crucial part of any fitness tracker. With that in mind, here are three fitness trackers that offer the most accurate readings for heart rates when training.


Fitbit Charge 5: 


For a basic fitness band, the Fitbit Charge 5 has a lot to offer. Coming in at only $179, it's not all that expensive, and features a built-in GPS and extensive health tracking. Among fitness tracking enthusiasts, chest-mounted heart rate trackers are considered the best. The Fitbit Charge 5 comes very close to this level of accuracy. Moving beyond heart rate tracking, the Charge 5 offers the wearer text message notifications and Android users can even reply to messages, speaking directly into their wrist. With all these features, plus top-notch accuracy, it’s easy to see why for so many people, fitness bands are synonymous with Fitbit.


Garmin Vivosmart 4: 


The Vivosmart 4 from Garmin is a good option for recreational athletes who want a no-frills fitness tracker. It doesn’t offer some of the extra features of its Fitbit rival. You won’t find GPS, or text messaging here. What it does offer are a smaller size and an easy-to-use interface. Like the Fitbit, the Vivosmart 4 also monitors the wearer’s heart rate throughout the day to provide resting heart rate readings that can indicate one's current levels of health and fitness. During very intense exercise, the heart rate tracker doesn’t match the Fitbit's accuracy, but for those who aren’t world-class athletes, the Vivosmart 4 holds up just fine. And at a price of under $100, it’s affordable too.


Oura Ring:


If you’re the kind of person who feels that fitness bands and chest-wearables are too cumbersome, the Oura Ring might be just the thing for you. It’s far from cheap at $299 but offers the wearer a level of accuracy that is hard to beat. Studies conducted by Oura comparing the Ring's heart rate measurements to an electrocardiogram show that it is 99% accurate. Part of this accuracy is due to the nature of the Ring. Because it’s worn on the finger, it is closer to the blood vessels in your hand and can measure more accurately than a tracker worn on the wrist. The downside of this accuracy is that the Oura Ring doesn’t offer the same level of activity tracking that conventional fitness bands do. There’s no screen to read real-time data, and no option to track a specific workout without going into the app afterward. But if you’re diligent enough to take care of this, it is a small price to pay for such incredible heart rate accuracy.


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