the top 5 tips to maintain your fitness equipment and make them last

 The Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Fitness Equipment and make them last

If you own a gym or a fitness centre, or you have equipment in your house, it is crucial to keep everything well maintained so you can get the most out of them. You might not realise it yet, but all fitness equipment will ruin if not looked after properly. Whether it is the heavy machines you see in a gym or even small sized equipment for home use, everything needs to be maintained. This is imperative for gym owners because your clients won't like seeing the 'Out of Order' sign on the equipment they want to use. 

Furthermore, buying new fitness equipment, whether for the gym or home use can be expensive. Below you will be able to read a detailed list that includes the top 5 tips to maintain your fitness equipment and make them last longer. Follow these tips the best you can, and see for yourself how helpful they are.  

  • Cleanliness is the key!

Make sure that your equipment and machines are clean because people join gyms to work out and the obvious thing that comes along with burning calories is sweat.  Ensure that you provide small wipes or towels to clients so they can clean the sweat after working out. Hire a professional staff to clean your equipment and machines daily. Even if they don't thoroughly clean everything every day, they should at least dust the equipment. If you can't afford a professional cleaning staff for this, try to clean everything yourself even if you're able to do it twice a week. However, sweeping the floor two to three times a day should be on your to-do list. 

This holds true for the fitness equipment you have in your home too. You need to make sure that you clean it. Allowing dust to settle on your equipment will eat away at its durability. Also, sweat will eat away at the leather and other kinds of cloth being used in fitness equipment. So, always wipe your fitness equipment once done.

  • Know about the Fitness Equipment

Check the manuals for your equipment to know about how often they should be used, and how often they should be cleaned. For example, if any equipment you own is meant to be used for only 6 hours continuously, make sure you set the proper rules in your gym. The same goes for fitness equipment at home. Ensure that you know how to properly use everything to help the fitness equipment last longer. Manuals are provided for a reason. So, read them.

  • Make sure to Lubricate

Lubricate your machines quite often. Numerous exercising machines require the proper amount of lubrication to maintain the efficiency they're able to provide users. The lubrication of weight machines is important, as doing so can help you add years to its life. If you haven’t lubricated a machine before, make sure that you seek professional help before trying.    

  • Don’t Ignore Repairs

One of the major factors that play a role in ruining fitness equipment is the fact that people tend to ignore the repairs it needs. A lot of times people don't want to spend money when they notice that the screen of a machine isn't giving the proper reading or if a machine has stopped recording your vitals altogether during a workout. Ignoring any faults will only make things worse and the cost of repairs you'll have to pay increases. So, ensure that you properly maintain your equipment and get everything fixed in due time.  

  • Annual Service of Equipment

A good thing for gym owners is to call for an annual service of their fitness equipment to ensure everything is in working order and to make the equipment last longer. Even if you have some heavy fitness equipment at home, ensure that you call a professional to service it at least once a year.



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