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Are You Getting Tired of Your Regular Workout routine?  

We’ve all been there- struggling to put one foot in front of the other, exhausted – seemingly not from the exertion, but the boredom of the same old workout routine. If this sounds like you or you’re just into trying something out that’s both fun and a great workout – then check out the bungee cord workout! 

Trending Bungee cord new Fitness revolution

Not to be confused with resistance band training, the bungee cord aerobic workout is a phenomenon that began in Thailand back in 2015. Since then, it has bounced its way across the globe and landed right here in the US.  


What is the Bungee Cord Workout All About? 


The bungee cord workout is an aerobic-style exercise that is performed while wearing a harness attached to a large bungee cord that is anchored to the ceiling. The result? A somewhat silly-looking but super-serious workout that is great for losing weight and toning muscles.  


Let’s be honest – nobody really looks all that cool wearing a harness like this one, but the thing is you won’t care. One of the greatest benefits of this workout is the fact that it is simply a blast! If you’ve ever enjoyed bouncing around on a trampoline or flying through the air on the rings – a bungee cord workout is going to be a fun experience for you. 



One of the things that makes this trendy new workout get taken more seriously than other fitness fads that have come and gone (Did somebody say shake-weight?) is the fact that it actually has some unique physical benefits. While working into the elasticity of the bungee cord is a great workout and helps tone and shape those arms, thighs and butts without bulking them up too much – it has other ramifications that make it ideal for some.  

The bungee cord, while providing aerobic resistance and strength training when worked into, also helps take much of the impact out of many aerobic exercises. This makes it a real consideration for athletes trying to get back to working out after an injury as it offers a kind of support that can’t be replicated without the cord. 

While this is great for athletes who have suffered most kinds of injuries, anybody who has a spinal, neck or head injury should clear this with their doctor before attempting as it does require some durability of those regions. 

Whether you’re an aspiring trapeze artist or you simply find it boring to run 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine, you might want to consider trying a bungee cord workout. While equipment is available for home installation, it is likely much safer to find a class.  

Classes are fun, intense, a great workout and low impact. This looks like one of those trends that will stand the test of time!  


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