Understanding The Importance of Physical Fitness


Since childhood we have heard our elders saying that ‘health is wealth’, however, only a few of us have actually realized the importance of physical fitness and made it part of our lifestyle. Good health does not only mean to have a body free from diseases but it refers to complete mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of a person.

In today's competitive world people find it very hard to take time out of their hectic schedule and take up any form of beneficial physical activity. Many people work under stressful conditions and neglect their health. This has resulted in an increase in the number of diseases among individuals such as cancer, obesity, diabetics, depression, and hypertension, etc. 

Physical fitness is crucial for a healthy body and mind

Physical health is the key to success in everyday life. Without health and physical fitness, no individual can achieve their goals or become a productive member of a society. A healthy and stress-free life is only possible through physical fitness. Physical fitness can be achieved by a healthy diet, regular exercise and an uninterrupted sleep of at least 8 hours.

  1. A balanced diet

A healthy diet is very important for maintaining a healthy body. We should follow a simple diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Junk food and fizzy drinks should be kept to a bare minimum. Fried and greasy foods should be avoided at all costs. Parents should try to instill good eating habits in their children from an early age. Breakfast should be considered the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be skipped. Making these small changes in your eating habits will prevent a lot of diseases. If your body is healthy then your mind will also feel fresh.

  1. Importance of exercise

Many successful people owe their success to regular exercise and physical activities. Exercise is not only important for physical health but also for mental health. If you are active from an early age you can be sure to enjoy life and be independent even as you grow old. Many health experts advise that individuals should exercise at least five days a week so that they can fully enjoy the benefits that come with physical activity.

There are a number of exercises that can help you to stay healthy. But the best exercise is where you use every part of your body, for example, running, swimming, skipping, weight lifting, cycling etc. Exercise increases the basic metabolism rate of a person due to which food is absorbed more quickly. Regular exercise burns all of the excess fat in a person’s body and allows vital organs to function properly. Physical exercise releases endorphin which relieves stress and improves the mood thus, helping the person from falling into depression.

  1. A relaxing sleep is very important

People nowadays do not put much importance in sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours due to late night parties, busy schedules or other reasons. Such people also get irritated and depressed if they do not get enough sleep. Sleep is important for the mind so that it can properly control all the body functions. Proper sleep will help you feel energized and ready to face the day in a positive manner.

Physical fitness should be enforced from an early age

Physical fitness is very important for every individual. Schools should educate their students about the importance of physical fitness and encourage them to incorporate some physical activity into their daily life so that they can become productive members of the society. If a person sticks to eating healthy and exercising daily then soon it will become a habit for them and they can live a life with reduced risk of developing diseases linked with being inactive.



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