What is a Mid Rep Hold, and What Benefits can it bring to Your Workout


A mid rep hold is a type of weightlifting technique that is used to maximise your workout and improve your overall strength. It is also referred to as a “muscle-up” or a “push-up hold.” This technique is performed by holding the bar at the mid point of your chest and extending your arms fully while in the push-up position. This helps to improve your overall strength, core strength, and muscle size. Essentially, it helps you make the most out of your workout.

What is a mid rep hold?

A mid rep hold is a type of technique that is used in weightlifting. Adding a pause in the middle of the movement of heavy load rep during the set of an exercise to help increase the weight lifted. It can increase the strength in your weak positions and is typically utilised during a set of reps that are anywhere from 4 -12reps.  

Benefits of a mid rep hold

A mid rep hold is a type of hold that is used in powerlifting and bodybuilding. It is a hold that lasts for about a second and a half. It is a very brief hold that is followed by a hold with a longer time. The mid rep hold is used in powerlifting and bodybuilding because it allows for a quicker transition from one exercise to the next. This is a good way to save time on your workout. This also allows for a more effective workout.


How to perform a mid rep hold

Using a bench - starting with 50% of you REP max lower so your elbows are 45 degrees and hold for 2 seconds push out and fully extend your arms to start position then hold for 2 seconds, repeat this another two times. 


One of the most important aspects of your workout is being able to perform a mid rep hold. This involves holding the weight in the bottom of a rep and not letting it go until the weight reaches your chest. There are a number of benefits to performing a mid rep hold, such as preventing muscle fatigue and muscle strain. Additionally, performing a mid rep hold also allows for a much more intense workout.


Mid-rep holds are a new approach to working out. It is a very basic concept, but it can have a huge impact on your workout. By incorporating these holds into your workout, you will be able to increase your weight and your reps. They are also a lot more fun than traditional exercises. They are a great way to build strength and stamina. They also give you a pump and help you to focus on the muscles that you are working out ! 

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