Which Training Methods are Best for Strength and Size?


This is one question that is asked repeatedly, and rightfully so. When you are taking the time and effort necessary to build your muscles so they become bigger and stronger, you want to make sure you’re doing so in a way that provides the best results possible. However, the problem is that this is not an easy question to answer as it doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution.

The reason I say this is because everyone is different in regard to what type of exercise styles and techniques their bodies respond to. While some find that they get the body they want out of lifting heavier weights for fewer reps, for instance, others swear that the only way they were able to create a rock solid physique was to limit the amount of rest between exercise sets.

In addition to this varied physical response, you also need to consider how you react to different training methods mentally. Specifically, even if one particular type of training offers stellar results, if you don’t like doing it, then what’s the point? Keep at it and, eventually, it will make you dread your workout sessions, potentially causing you to give up your strength training regimen completely.

That being said, there are a few different training methods that can help you build muscle strength and size. Your best bet is to try a couple of them out and see which ones your body (and mind) seems to like best and just do those. A couple to test out include cluster sets, back-off sets, negative lifts, and partial lifts. A number of top athletes use these particular techniques to help them build bigger, stronger muscles so there is no doubt they can work for you too.

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