Why does my body feel so sore after training?

Why does my body feel so sore after training? - Fitness Health


Starting a new workout program can be quite challenging. You need to learn new exercises, follow a new balanced meal plan, your routine needs to be balanced plus you have set up new goals. All this is difficult on its own, but along with that you also have to go through extreme muscle soreness as well.

The body usually gets sore after you start a new workout regimen. It becomes a lot harder to stay on track. Don’t think you’ll be leaping out of your bed the next morning to head out to the gym. Trust us your body will be so sore that it’ll hurt just to just to hold up your arm as you brush your teeth.

It is common for your body muscles to be sore after a workout, especially if it is a new experience for your body. So don’t be put off!

What leads to muscle soreness?

When you start doing a new exercise program, or if you change your exercise routine and increase either the duration or the intensity of your workout you are likely to experience soreness.

This soreness you experience is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). What happens is that when the body requires the muscles to work in a different way or they are required to work harder than they are used to, the muscle fibers then undergo microscopic damage which leads to muscle soreness or stiffness.

Although a lot of people believe that this soreness is a result of a buildup of lactic acid, however lactic acid plays no role in this process.

Everyone experiences this soreness

Anyone can experience this soreness, including people who have been exercising for years such as elite athletes.

People who are new to exercising might get alarmed and it might affect their initial enthusiasm as well.

However you need not fret, the soreness decreases as your muscles get used to the new physical requirements it has to face. Understand that this soreness plays an important part in the adaptation process. Once your body gets used to this new regimen, you gain more stamina and strength as your muscles recover and then develop.

So how long does this soreness last?

Your muscles are likely to be sore for about 3 to 5 days. You will experience mild to severe pain, usually the first and second day after the workout. The soreness will gradually lessen.  However, you need to understand that this pain isn’t similar to any pain you might experience while working out. This soreness is different from the pain you experience when your muscle sprains or strains.

So if you are experiencing a sudden acute sharp pain, do not confuse it with muscle soreness, instead get it checked.

How can you treat this pain?

There really isn’t a way to treat this soreness, however you can try to ease some of the symptoms you might be experiencing. To treat the symptoms you

  • Should take some rest.
  • Use ice packs for your muscles.
  • Take some pain killers.
  • Get a massage done.

Usually muscle soreness doesn’t require you to take prescriptions however if the pain gets unbearable then it you should definitely get it checked.

So what to do?

The best way to prevent this soreness is to gradually start any new activities you might be planning on doing. This allows the muscles enough time to adapt to the change and helps reducing the pain.

Also, even if your body is sore you can continue with your workout. You might be a bit uncomfortable however once your muscles get warmed up the soreness won’t affect you at all.




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