How to Effectively Increase Bone Density


Although most people engage in a fitness program to either lose weight or build muscle, being fit comes with another important benefit: increased bone density. This is especially important as you age because that’s when bones oftentimes become more frail, subjecting you to a higher risk of breaks due to falls.

Fortunately, there are things you can do when working out to effectively increase your bone density and potentially save yourself a lot of pain and aggravation. Here are three to consider:


Plyometrics is another word for jump training and it involves standing in front of a box or table and, from a stationary, non-moving position, using the power in your lower body to jump up on it. Because plyometrics rely on your large muscle groups, they are great at building strength. Plus, the fact that you’re going from a non-moving to a moving position quickly also helps increase your speed.

Engage in Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is as good at building bones as it is at building muscle, providing just one more compelling reason to do it more often. Ideally you want to lift approximately three times per week, giving your body at least 24-48 hours to rest in between sessions. Also, make sure you use proper form and technique so you don’t hurt yourself and have to spend time out of the gym to recuperate.

Do Plyometrics AND Heavy Lifting

Both plyometrics and heavy lifting are great on their own when it comes to increasing bone density, so it only makes sense that combining them is even better yet. Mixing them enables you to not only have a stronger skeletal system, but you’ll also have stronger muscles and more explosive power too. You’ll be completely unstoppable (and unbreakable)!

If you’ve engaged in plyometrics or heavy lifting, what have been your results? Please share them below!

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