Pueraria Mirifica For Men

Get bigger breasts with healthy hormones, stronger bones with greater vigour and less wrinkles. Pueraria Mirifica can give you the perfect solution. However, these herbal products were mostly sold by women, specifically for treatment of menopause symptoms. Pueraria Mirifica is a wonderful medicinal herb and has a great effect on people of all ages. We can explore how the Pueraria Mirifica works and how it can make an enormous impact. Pueraria Mirifica is a tuberous root native to Thailand and Burmese.


Pueraria Mirifica (PM), also known as white Kwao Krua, is a plant in northern Thailand. There is a history that PMs being applied for treating various conditions, especially aging processes.

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Scientific names: Pueraria mirifica Airy Scott et al. Svatabhandu. Common names: Kwaoke, Keur Kraa, K. Krus, White K. This list hasn't been updated yet.

Pueraria Mirifica: Hows of intake and dosage

Several studies have indicated that the safest dosage of Pueraria mirifica was between 20 and 25 mg/ 100 mg and had no side effects. Pueraria Mirifica is usually administered orally or via capsule or as serum. However, putting capsules in your mouth can help you get more Pueraria Mirifica in your system. Pueraria Mirifica Extract contains natural and concentrated ingredients that give the capsule the potent and enviable benefit of the herb. The combination of topically applied serums with oral capsules produce an extremely potent effect.

Pueraria Mirifica Effects on Male Body: Benefits Beyond Boundaries

The herb "Pueraria Mirifici" is becoming popular in Thai science. However, this herb has an impact on men and women as it affects everything. It can also be beneficial to increase blood flow to the brain, increase hair growth, ability and improve the energy levels. Pueraria Mirifica for men advantages are the following:

Fuller breast for transgenders

Males have very little estrogen, which causes them to grow breasts larger than females. Pueraria mirifica contains a high amount of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen is found in plant tissues and is structurally the same as mammalian estrogen, therefore, it is weak on estrogen receptors. Pueraria Mirifica promotes breast tissue forming through phytoestrogen, and increases breast size. Now men have bigger cleavages, which also helps them to have bigger breasts that fit more comfortably in their bodies.

Feminization in men

Menopausal have taken teratogenic Pueraria Mirifica as an anti-inflammatory to help alleviate menstruation symptoms. Many people are unsure “what does Pueraria Mirifican affect females?” Nevertheless researchers agree that Pueraria Mirifica has a fantastic effect in men's reproduction systems. Pueraria Mirifica has been shown to affect the male body by altering male body and reducing the number of hormones that lead to feminization.

Cancer Prevention

Compound 'Moroestrol' found in pueraria mirifices inhibits tumor formation resulting in its anticancer effects and can treat cancer cell. Although more clinical studies will have to be carried out to determine the effects of Pueraria Mirifica on the body, Pueraria may have broader implications for treating sarcoma in men. Pueraria Mirifica is also potential to slow the growth of cancer cell and tumors.

Brain health

A low dose of estrogen might affect our nervous systems that would otherwise have remained protected from these substances. Miroestrol may decrease the brain's oxidative damage and lead to healthier health, as well as less loss in mental function based studies have shown.

Cardiovascular Health

Low testosterone can cause more men's heart problems than any other factor. Estrogen plays an important role in cardiovascular health. Pueraria Mirifica can help men with cholesterol lowering symptoms by lowering the blood pressure levels. Pueraria has also been found to decrease bad cholesterol in postmenopausal women. However, there is more evidence that Pueraria Mirifica could improve cholesterol levels and improve blood cholesterol levels among women and men.

Stimulate hair growth

In addition to blocking estrogen, male hormone DHT is converted by converting testosterone into the powerful DHT hormone. The word "Peririo Mirificas" may seem strange. It does prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which promotes a more youthful appearance for males when used in a combination with other drugs such as Saw palmetto to increase hair growth. Estrogen and progesterone can help keep your hair growth in the growing (anagen) phase.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Estrogen deficiency causes osteoporotic disease in men. The effects of phytoestrogens on bone minerals were evaluated in mice based on the study of mice and rats. It is also found that bone mineral density was lower in those receiving more phytoestrogen. It seems likely that Pueraria Mirifica could improve bone loss in osteoporotic patients by combined with an antidepressant.


This study showed a significant estrogenic impact in the mammary glands of Donryu rats during post-operative treatment in rats. DMBA treatment has been shown to promote vascular carcinoma after DMBA and ENNG. A total of 0.3% PM and 0.3% IA-treated rats had marrow tumor metastasis in lung tissue. Using 0.3% PM it was observed to reduce mammary glands and uterus compared with 0.2% of the IA.

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