Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

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Vitamin B12 is an essential ingredient for one’s body to be able to function. Unfortunately, the human body biologically doesn’t create or produce vitamin B12 by itself so one needs to ensure that his daily diet should contain a doze of vitamin B12. Functional nervous system, production of red blood cells and making DNA are some of the primary and crucial things which vitamin B12 does.

Vitamin B12 is present in animal foods such as red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish. If a person avoids animal foods or simply dislike it then not an issue at all. They can add vegan or vegetarian sources to their diet. This includes fortified cereals, plant milks, bread and nutritional yeast.

Listed below are some of the symptoms of Vitamin B12-

Heart Rates Shoot up-

Lack of Vitamin B12 in one’s body means reduced number of red blood cells which will increase the heartbeat rate. Anemia puts pressure on the heart to push a higher volume of blood around the body and to do it all the more rapidly. This reaction is the body's method for attempting to guarantee that enough oxygen circulates through the majority of the body's systems and reaches every organ.

Running out of breath from time to time -

Normal breathing is a blessing. Going through difficulty in breathing makes one’s life a living hell. Lacking vitamin B12 will result in going short on breath frequently due to a faster heartbeat and a smaller number of red blood cells.

Mobility being affected-

If vitamin B12 supplements are not taken- the damage done to the nervous system will worsen which in turn will affect your mobility. Balance and coordination will be severely affected thus making you prone to falling frequently. Experiencing numbness in feet and limbs will make a person rely more on support to walk and move. Lacking vitamin B12 should not be considered as a joke rather it’s a serious deficiency and should be dealt appropriately.

Weakness and Fatigue-

With less oxygen in the body because of reduced number of red blood cells- the person may feel extremely tired and weak.

Feeling pins and needles-

One of the common symptoms of the lack of vitamin B12 is to feel pins and needles in your hands and feet. This is because myelin is not produced. Myelin is a protective coating that shields the nerves and helps them transmit sensations. With the absence of myelin because of the lack of vitamin B12- nerves can become damaged and can result in nerve conduction problems or nerve damage.

Mood swings-

Changes in mood are inevitable when the intake of a particular supplement is not enough and it affecting your body. Therefore, low levels of B12 can cause irritability or mental disorders such as depression. You may feel low and sad and sometimes you feel like you are on top of the world which itself can get irritating.


Not only the lack of vitamin B12 interrupts with the nervous system- it adversely affects the digestive system. Due to this, one may become prone to vomiting or feeling nauseas.

Excessive weight loss-

The thing is we have associated being skinny with being healthy. This association is unhealthy. Lacking vitamin B12 means feeling nauseous and losing appetite gradually. Losing appetite and cutting down on foods means losing the weight the unhealthy way.

Troubled Vision-

A lot of other systems are connected to the nervous system. The nervous system getting disturbed may result in a blurred vision. The damage can disrupt the nervous signal that travels from your eye to your brain, impairing your vision. This condition is known as optic neuropathy.











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