For all the brave survivors out there- how far have things gone with you? 

For all the epileptic patients out there- there is a way to be healthy again.

Mental illnesses are very common nowadays. And one such mental disorder is epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterised by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. This leads to repeated seizures and convulsions in the person. Often, epileptic people are found in a state of unconsciousness and unawareness.

Generally, it sounds kind of impossible to cope with this mental illness. It is particularly due to the fact that the brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body.

Suffering from epilepsy, many questions might reach your mind. How to learn about your disease when you’re too embarrassed to talk about it? But don’t worry because right here, you’ve got it all sorted out.

Following is a list of the best vitamins and minerals for adequate medications regarding epilepsy. The commonly used Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) lower your body’s vitamin and mineral level. Thus, given below is a general overview of some supplements, but don’t forget to consult your doctor before using them.

1. B Vitamins
B Vitamins play an important role in helping to suppress the seizures attack. They are commonly present in most fruits and vegetables and include the following:

            Vitamin B6
- This kind of vitamin is more efficient for pyridoxine dependent seizures. It is a good supplement for the epilepsy which is congenital or hereditary.
            Vitamin B12- This helps to monitor and improve the overall metabolism of the body. Vitamin B12 helps in preventing fatigue and tiredness after a seizure attack.
            Vitamin B2- This vitamin is also known as folic acid. Deficiency of folic acid also leads to seizures in the body. However, recent studies suggest that it doesn’t have much effect.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D increases the calcium and phosphate levels. This vitamin can be availed through sunlight exposure, milk and fish oil capsules. Patients should take AEDs along with Vitamin D to have a significantly higher bone content. This shows a prominent decrease in seizures due to Vitamin D intake.

3. Vitamin E
It increases antioxidant abilities in the patient. Significant amounts of Vitamin E cause a decrease of seizures. It regulates oxidative stress in brain and tissues hence lowering spasms frequency.

4. Calcium
A major mineral which is necessary for brain’s proper functioning is calcium. Low blood calcium levels result in frequent electrical discharges in body. Always maintain the blood calcium level, because it plays a vital role in regulating brain functioning.

5. Magnesium
Magnesium is the mineral that works with calcium in the body to sustain a proper mental nutrition. Magnesium maintains connections of neurons. So, low levels of magnesium lead to severe attacks of seizures. These uncontrolled convulsions can be reduced by taking in magnesium from green leafy vegetables.

6. Zinc
Zinc maintains brain functioning and immune system. Epileptic patients have low levels of zinc in body. Hence, the zinc level should be normalized by taking it in form of medications.

7. Selenium
Selenium boosts up the action of Vitamin E in the body. By reducing the number of seizures to a tolerable level, it shows its importance as a necessary mineral for the body.

Taking these vitamins and minerals in the correct proportions can help AEDs in their action. If you want to enjoy life by staying fit and healthy, you need to invest in your body. Such supplements increase the neurological functioning, thus reducing the convulsion attacks.

Remember there is always a remedy for every illness. There is always a cure waiting out for you. You just need to spread out your hands and grab it. Take that opportunity to be fit again because you have as much chance as any other person to live a healthy life.
For all the epileptic patients out there- claim your health. Live life bravely to the fullest.

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