Why you should drink more apple juice

Recent research at the University of Kaiserslautern, looked into the benefits we gain from consuming apple juice.

The research found that with in the apple juice high traces of poly-phenol and pectin were found, these acids will help neutralise and clean your gut. Helping the breakdown of nutrients and  with an added benefit it  reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Fresh apples are a good source of...

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Pursuing happiness

Today many people think that success is the answer for happiness.

People believe that happiness is conditional, they think happiness can be brought to them through making money or finding the perfect partner. You can’t buy happiness, but you can access happiness more often during your normal day to day life.

Happiness makes people more successful, when we feel happy on the inside of life we will...

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Now is the best time to become fit !

Global economical crisis is good for one thing? fitness!

If you want to be positive, save money and shed pounds, the best time is now!

Becoming fit is great, all it takes is a little motivation from yourself and you can turn a bad situation into a good one. Being fit has great benefits for your health, body and mind! so what better time to start. I remember the first saying the navy taught me,...

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Meditations ; relaxing practise for mind & body







Dr Herbert Benson is a famous American doctor that studied the practise of body mind meditations. Dr Benson had many patients that suffered from high blood pressure, so he devised a simple method of relaxation technique targeting the brain.  He created his own relaxation method for his patients. It was created  from a mixture of eastern and western meditation methods.

Meditations –...

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The most important subject with any fitness program is motivation.

What level is your motivation? High or Low?

How do you tell if your motivation is being used in the correct way?

Here are a few simple tips to keep your motivation moving in the right direction.

Firstly, the most important rules for motivation is to get your questions right ! For example most of my clients the reason they exercise...

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Changing Lifestyle, Start Small and Grow Healthy

Fitness has a number of effects on the human body, physical and metal benefits are gained from fitness a feeling money cant buy.

Weight loss starts at home, we need to look into our daily lifestyle and see what changes we can make and need to make.

Change is never to small, remember for success the trick is not to take on all your challenges at once you must focus on the small changes first!


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