I Eat a Lot of Healthy Fruits and Veggies, So Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?


Most diet plans will tell you that the key to success involves eating quite a few daily servings of fruits and veggies daily. But, what if you are and yet you still aren’t seeing the scale go down? What gives?

Fruits vs. Veggies

While fruits and veggies are often thrown into the same food category, the truth is that they are very different when it comes to both make-up and the effect that they have on your body. This could definitely account for the reason why you haven’t seen weight loss success.

Both are generally pretty high in fiber, which keeps your digestive tract functioning, and each one offers a multitude of vitamins and minerals. In these ways, both fruits and veggies are extremely important parts of a healthy eating plan.

Their Notable Differences

However, one small piece of information that most diets seem to overlook is that the calorie count in fruits is much higher than it is for veggies. So, eating 1 cup of green beans, for instance, will net you around 31 calories, whereas a cup sized portion of apple slices is closer to 57 – almost double. This may not seem like much but it adds up over time.

Another way they are different is the effect they have on your blood sugar. Most fruits contain a decent amount of natural sugar which may affect your blood sugar levels and, subsequently, your cravings for sweet treats, which makes your diet harder (if not impossible) to stick to. Some high sugar fruits include grapes and pears, and low sugar options are berries and melons.

The Moral of the Story

If you are eating healthy and still not losing weight, check the amount of fruit that you’re consuming. Try to keep most of your servings vegetable related and limit your fruit to two servings a day. This should get the scale needle moving in the right direction!



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