Information that can help you reduce the risks of suffering a heart attack



Heart attack is a disease whereby the flow of blood carrying oxygen towards a portion of the heart is suddenly blocked or disrupted. This state happens when the coronary artery, which brings blood rich in oxygen develops a clot in which if not treated immediately would continue to expand in size, thus causing blockage of blood supply to the heart. Statistics show that heart attack is not only widespread among men but is a common disease affecting women as well. This heart problem is commonly coined as the “traitor disease”, because it usually strikes without notice even if the bearer is in its usual way of living. Aside from having a healthy diet and a regular exercise to maintain a healthy and vigorous body, watching over certain practices or vices that may trigger diseases such as heart attack must also be considered. Other various causes of heart attack are emotional stress or anxiety, intake of unprescribed drugs (such as cocaine and methamphetamine), and excessive smoking. Just as people thought that cigarette smoking could bring relaxation and could lessen anxiety, it also brings greater destruction especially to the organs (the heart and the lungs) that primarily supports life.


In order to reduce risks of suffering from a heart attack, one might consider the following:


Slowly quit from vices especially smoking


To quit smoking abruptly might bring uneasiness and other problems to the person because the body’s coping mechanism may not be able to adjust immediately. So, it would be best to reduce usage until one is able to live without it already.


Stop worrying because worries can never solve anything


Free your mind from anything that may cause troubles and burdens. If problems are encountered, let your mind look for solutions but try not to indulge yourself too much. Because you will never be able to solve it if you will add another problem, especially if it pertains to your health.


Try to have a general checkup at least once a year

This would keep you updated on your health status and it will help to immediately treat any diagnosed ailment.


Just simply be happy

Each person has a different definition of happiness and of course has a different means of happiness. Do what makes you happy, smile and be a reason for other peoples’ smile.  

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