How to keep a healthy heart


The importance of a healthy heart
Cardio fitness

Cardio exercise is the best health for your heart. Our cardiovascular system is the heart and all the connected blood vessels. When we start cardio training we will increase our health and decrease the risk of disease. Cardio fitness has  a number of benefits for our body. Movement and exercises are important for keeping a healthy heart helps pumping healthy blood through the arteries and veins. Walking, running, swimming and dancing with your legs pumping and swinging your arms maintains and keeps the lymph flowing.

Cardiovascular training or aerobic training are the best ways to increase your cells abilities. These exercises primary aim to increase oxygen levels inside our body. This training develops the cells speed and ability to remove any bi-product waste like lactic acids.

Deep and long breathing has always been vital with life and fitness. Good breathing exercises can be beneficial in so many ways, science has shown that people whom breath deeper and fewer breaths per minute are much healthier and tend to live  longer than people who breath more rapid and short breathes.

Exercises like yoga, Pilates, Qigong and tai chi can help you develop strong patterns of deep healthy breathing with slow movement, this combination can be very beneficial in life and may even increase your chances of living a long fulfilled life.


Rich omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are essential for healthy heart, to much of the wrong fats can be dangerous, fats such as trans fat or hydrogenated fat, can clog your lymph system and your arteries.

Maintaining a healthy heart requires healthy daily balanced meals that are rich in nutrients,vitamins and minerals. High water content foods have proven to reduce the risks from life threatening diseases.


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