How Too Many Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Diabetes


It’s no great secret that too much sugar is bad for you and can lead to diabetes. However, did you also realize that too many artificial sweeteners can have the same negative effect? Unfortunately, it’s true.

A number of health experts have been suggesting that you replace sugar in recipes, drinks, and meals with artificial sweeteners to lessen the effect that they have on your health. However, now it appears that this advice isn’t the best when it comes to your blood sugar levels.

Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

In an opinion published by Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, researcher Susan E. Swithers points to different findings that reinforce the fact that artificially sweetened beverages have very similar effects to “real” sugars. 

These effects included a higher risk of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, disrupted learning by your body when it comes to stabilization of glucose and energy levels, and even a higher rate of obesity. All of these together mean that artificial sweeteners are just as bad for your health as regular sugar.

Case In Point

To test this theory, simply drink a diet soda on an empty stomach and see how you feel. If you’re sensitive to sugar at all, you’ll likely notice that within an hour or so, you’ll start to crave sweets. Why? Because your blood sugar has plummeted and your body wants to bring it back up.

The same thing happens when you eat low-calorie sweets or snacks that have artificial sugars in them. It’s like your body can’t tell the difference so the effects are still the same, meaning that you are still at risk of diabetes even if you substitute your sugar choices.

Your best bet when it comes to wanting something sweet is to choose natural food sources, like fruit, to cure your sweet tooth. Then you know you’re doing something good for your body.


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